The Desperate Would-be Housewife of New York

Not even a murder trial and the unmasking of her fake pregnancy stopped Emma Cunningham's search for love and legitimacy

This lion is hungry–for meatloaf!

Can Humans and Lions Truly Be Friends?

They've certainly tried

Ben Franklin, inventor of all things sky-related

Did Benjamin Franklin Invent Daylight Savings Time?

The creation of DST is usually credited to George Vernon Hudson, but 100 years earlier, Benjamin Franklin pondered a similar question


One Law Firm Really Wants the Met to Change Its Admission Policy

Law firm sues over recommended admission fee--twice

Cut spending, be immortalized on the nickel

How Would Thomas Jefferson Solve the Fiscal Crisis?

Jefferson managed to cut military spending by nearly half, end the whiskey tax and buy a third of North America

Joined-up writing: good enough for Abraham Lincoln!

Is Cursive Handwriting Going Extinct?


What Does This Head From the Thirteenth Century Tell Us About Medieval Medicine?

What can a dissection specimen from the 13th century tell us about the Dark Ages?

Will one of these guys be the next pope? Stay tuned!

Fake Bishop Tries to Crash Pope-Choosing Party

An impostor bishop crashes important papacy-related meeting


That’s Some Pig!

An Iowa farmer's quest to breed the perfect pig

Will these cows look good with my outfit?

Buy a Handbag, Burn a Forest

Brazilian deforestation is tied to producers of luxury Italian leather goods


The Gettysburg Cyclorama Is Gone Forever

Richard Neutra's Gettysburg Cyclorama building demolished

Suffragettes march, complete with cloth banners, across the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave. and 11th St. in Washington, D.C. Photo: Library of Congress

More Than One Hundred Years Ago, 5,000 Suffragettes Paraded Down Pennsylvania Avenue

On the eve of Woodrow Wilson's inauguration, suffragists descended upon Washington


Will the Statue of Liberty Ever Reopen?

The Statue of Liberty to remain closed indefinitely until NYPD; National Park Service agree on security screening system

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