Snacks for Tax Day

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It's crunch time, procrastinators—April 15, the deadline for finishing those pesky income tax returns, is upon us! Doesn't that make you hungry? (What? I'm a food blogger. Everything makes me hungry.)

Here are foods that seem fitting, or at least fun, to eat on Tax Day:

1. Silver Dollar Pancakes. I loved these as a kid. Yeah, they're just a miniature version of regular old pancakes, but they taste better somehow. And Serious Eats says it has the recipe for the best silver dollar pancakes ever, adapted from Marion Cunningham. Don't forget the real maple syrup!

2. Bite Back at the IRS chocolate bars. I'm not sure why anyone would actually order these, but they're funny.

3. Ha'Penny Snacks. A friend of mine loves these simple, bite-sized treats made with butter, cheese, flour and onion soup mix—basically, a coin-shaped cheese straw.

4. Date crunch...get it?

5. Poor Man's Lobster, a.k.a. monkfish. It's not pretty, but tastes great topped with a savory fruit compote.

6. Or, if you're still stewing over how much you paid, perhaps you'd prefer one of these "poor man's" recipes?

7. At least you can still afford this million dollar salad...well, unless someone starts raisin taxes.

8. Bean Counter Chowder is nourishing fare for all those accountants working hard this season. (Those who just paid them may prefer the consolation of Drunken Beans.)

9. A chicken in every pot? Turns out the government never actually promised that, but you can put one in yours anyway.

10. After all that, you probably want a drink—a gin buck seems appropriate. Though you could call almost anything a "tax day cocktail," as long as it involves bitters, right?

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