Fun Foods for Father’s Day

Wondering what you can cook up to make the day special? Here are a few fun ideas

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As you're probably aware, Father's Day is this Sunday in the United States. Wondering what you can cook up to make the day special? Here are a few fun ideas:

1. A truly tasteful tie. People blog about the strangest things. A few months ago, I came across someone who just likes putting weird things in coffee, and yesterday, I got an email from a young guy who "likes neckties. A lot." He's got an entire blog called Tiepedia, and for Father's Day, he collected a bunch of Flickr photos of necktie cakes. Enjoy, and perhaps be inspired to create your own. (Come on, does he ever wear the real ties you pick out, anyway? Might as well give him the kind you can all share.)

2. Mower dessert? Torture Dad sweetly by reminding him of his household chores. Or give him these lawnmower cupcakes along with a coupon promising to take those chores off his hands for a while.

3. Thank him for raising such a brat. Then make up for it by grilling him some of Bobby Flay's beer-braised brats.

4. Think he's full of beans? I don't know about your father, but mine drinks more coffee than Juan Valdez himself, so I often give him a bag or two of good beans. (And since he's a bit of a nerd, one year I gave him this T-shirt depicting a caffeine molecule.) I bet he'd also love a coffee cake made with these recipes from Joy the Baker and The Pioneer Woman, both of which involve actual coffee.

5. Hop on Pop. If your dad, like mine, is a punster, he'll appreciate being served any of the following on Father's Day: Popovers, poptarts, popcorn, popsicles, soda I missing any others?

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