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Poenari Castle was once the clifftop fortress of Vlad the Impaler.

Watch Seven Medieval Castles' Digital Reconstruction

Architects and designers restored royal ruins across Europe to their former glory

The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery offers a free audio tour of its presidential portraits.

Explore World-Class Museums From Home With Smartify's Free Audio Tours

The app features a database of some two million artworks housed at more than 120 venues

Whalers and their families spent winters on Herschel Island, located north of the Yukon in Canada.

Explore 3-D Models of Historic Yukon Structures Threatened by Erosion

"We thought it was a good idea to get a comprehensive record of the site while we could in case the water levels rise," says one official

Ten New Travel Books to Read When You’re Stuck at Home

Don’t let the coronavirus quarantine hold you back from becoming an armchair traveler

B-52 Storage Area, Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson,  Arizona, USA

A Photographic Tour of Abandoned Cold War Sites

In a new book, historian Robert Grenville explores the haunting beauty of nature reclaiming some of history’s most notorious sites

The Royal Palace in Brussels, Belgium, is one of dozens of ceilings featured in the new book "The Art of Looking Up."

A Tour of the World's Most Spectacular Ceilings

In her new book 'The Art of Looking Up,' Catherine McCormack captures stunning ceilings around the globe

In a 21st-century tribute to antiquity, bronze sculptures by the late Igor Mitoraj, including this centaur, grace the public grounds of the archaeological site.

The New Treasures of Pompeii

From gorgeous artworks to grimacing corpses, archaeologists are still uncovering the truth about life—and death—in the doomed city

Monterrey A stem post

Virtual Reality Museum Allows Users to Explore Five Shipwrecked Vessels

The online portal features 3-D models, video footage and mosaic maps of five 19th- and 20th-century shipwrecks

Glowing ice sculptures span eight million square feet of Harbin, a city in China's northeastern Heilongjiang province.

Step Inside Winter's Most Spectacular Wonderland at the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in Northeast China

Visitors brave -40 degree temperatures to climb glistening ice castles and frozen replicas of iconic buildings

“Nellie Bly: The Virtual Reality Experience” tracks Bly’s travels from Egypt to Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, San Francisco and beyond

VR Experience Lets You Join Nellie Bly on Her 72-Day Trip Around the World

The Newseum, Vive collaboration catalogues the intrepid reporter’s record-breaking journey

The spectacular 13th-century Noravank monastery is situated among mountain cliffs in southern Armenia.

This Free Virtual Reality App Drops Users in the Heart of Historic Armenia

Painstaking imaging of cultural heritage sites worldwide has the potential to usher in a new era of participatory preservation efforts

The app opens a 'portal' that allows users to step into a series of immersive AR experiences

Step Into Scotland With Immersive AR App

Portal AR allows users to traverse Britain’s highest peak, roam the halls of Edinburgh Castle and enjoy whiskey at Highlands distillery

The Kremer Museum features more than 70 works by Dutch and Flemish Old Masters

Pop-Up VR Museum to Bring Dutch and Flemish Masterpieces to the Masses

The Kremer Museum was imagined up after its creators grew disillusioned with constraints associated with showcasing a collection in a physical building

Tatev Monastery in Armenia.

Explore Armenia's Medieval Monasteries in Interactive 360-Degree Panoramas

Navigate through secluded buildings that once housed some of the brightest scholars of the Middle Ages

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