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Vaccine Switch Marks a New (and Hopefully Last) Stage in the Battle With Polio

Over the weekend, health officials began replacing the current polio vaccination in an effort to wipe out one of three strains of the virus

Anthony Fauci is America's point person in confronting epidemics.

Future Is Here Festival

Anthony Fauci Is Waging War Against Zika, and Preparing for Other Epidemics to Come

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases talks about developing a Zika vaccine

The Tribeca Film Festival injected even more controversy into the anti-vaccine "debate" when it decided to show a film by the movement's most polarizing figure.

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UPDATE: The Tribeca Film Festival Changes Course, Will Not Screen Film About the Discredited Anti-Vaxx Movement

The controversy shows the film isn't immune to unfounded fears about vaccination

Bottle of Diphtheria Anti-Toxin in Case, 1900s

The Next Pandemic

How Vaccines, a Collective Triumph of Modern Medicine, Conquered the World's Diseases

Smithsonian curators present a virtual tour of several objects from the collections that revolutionized public health care

An illustration of the dengue virus, which is transmitted by mosquito bites.

A Single Protein Is the Root of Dengue's Virulence

But researchers who found the culprit say it could be a clue in developing a vaccine for the mosquito-borne virus

An actor, playing the role of a vaccine against Ebola, performs at a school in Abidja, Ivory Coast, last September

New Research

Experimental Ebola Vaccine Gives 100 Percent Protection in Trial

An unusual trial design helped prove the vaccine safe and effective in less than a year

Malaria infected blood cells (blue)

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The First Malaria Vaccine Could Be Released Soon

The vaccine isn’t as effective as hoped however, and needs several more approvals

A stained tissue sample from 1967 reveals the presence of  Chlamydia psittaci bacteria.

New Research

The Mystery of the Failed Chlamydia Vaccine

In the 1960s, a vaccine for chlamydia made patients more susceptible to chlamydia. Now scientists know why

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It’s Official: Rubella Has Been Eradicated From the Americas

Health officials confirm that rubella no longer originates in North or South America

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The Ohio Measles Outbreak Wasn’t Caused by "Anti-Vaxxers" But by an Amish Traveler

Blaming the anti-vaccination movement for an uptick in measles is oversimplification

The 2014-15 flu vaccine is here, but the CDC warns that it's not as effective as hoped.

A Universal Flu Vaccine May Be On the Horizon

Choosing the viral targets for the seasonal flu vaccine is a gamble. Sometimes, like this year, the flu wins

This portrait features Dr. Edward Jenner inoculating James Phipps, the first person to receive the smallpox vaccine.

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The Art of Vaccinations

The Art of Saving a Life is connected to a fundraising effort for an international group working to eradicate disease through vaccinations

Doctors are refining a method to remove the "ouch" from injections.

A Needle Could Make For Pain-Free Flu Shots

Using temperature, vibration and pressure, this needle can trick a patient into feeling no pain

New Research

A Deadly Fungus Is Wiping Out Frogs and Toads—But Some Can Develop Resistance

Scientists hope it might be possible to develop a vaccine to the fungus, based on the frog and toad's immunity

A chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) mother resting with her children in western Uganda.

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Ebola Vaccine For Chimps Could Help Save Wild Populations

A trial of a chimp vaccine highlights debates over vaccinating wild populations and using chimps in medical research

How the Swine Flu Vaccine Provides Insight Into Narcolepsy

In 2009, doctors noticed that children who got a particular strain of swine flu vaccine were suddenly much more likely to develop narcolepsy

School girls line up to receive vaccinations between classes.

How Humankind Got Ahead of Infectious Disease

With polio on the verge of eradication, a career immunologist explains the medical marvel of vaccination and the pioneers who made it possible

"Bacteria can talk to each other," says Bonnie Bassler. "Not only can they talk, but they are multilingual." And she knows how to speak their languages.

Listening to Bacteria

By studying microbial communications, Bonnie Bassler has come up with new ways to treat disease

Henrietta Lacks' cells were essential in developing the polio vaccine and were used in scientific landmarks such as cloning, gene mapping and in vitro fertilization.

Cracking the Code of the Human Genome

Henrietta Lacks’ ‘Immortal’ Cells

Journalist Rebecca Skloot’s new book investigates how a poor black tobacco farmer had a groundbreaking impact on modern medicine

Why does the human immune system sometimes fail to thwart invaders? John Wherry is trying to find out, the better to design a more effective flu vaccine.

Flu Fighter

With a possible pandemic in our future, immunologist John Wherry is racing to develop a once-a-lifetime vaccine