Thought Innovation

Old man and the sea

Deconstructing Dad

Fatherhood remains a ripe subject for scientific research. Here are 10 recent studies on the transformation from man to dad

The Atavist is refining multimedia storytelling

It’s a Long Story

In Facebook world, you'd think there wouldn't be much of a future for nonfiction storytelling. But several startups are trying to keep the narrative alive

Strange things are happening in the ocean.

Roiling in the Deep

It's World Oceans Day and here are 10 things scientists know about what's happening under the sea that they didn't a year ago

Celebrated creators have always known the power of the synthesizing mind.

Combinatorial Creativity and the Myth of Originality

The power of the synthesizing mind and the building blocks of combinatorial creativity

Technology may help you shape your dreams.

Taking Control of Your Dreams

Not a lot of research has been done on lucid dreaming, but new devices are now helping people influence what's going on in their heads while they sleep

Siri is just the beginning of voice recognition.

Talking With Machines

Siri is far from perfect, but It's shown the potential of voice recognition software and artificial intelligence. Coming soon: conversations with our cars

Our relationship with ice cream is getting complicated.

What’s Going On With Ice Cream?

Not only is it now available in once unimaginable flavors, like salted caramel and prosciutto, but scientists also are trying to make it good for you

London's a leader among smart cities

When Cities Run Themselves


What Makes a 21st Century Mom?

Not an easy answer. But here are 10 recent studies on what it means to be a mother today

The Pebble smart watch is on a roll.

Next Up? The Smart Watch

If the crowd-funding spike for the Pebble smart watch is any indication, wearable tech is about to go mainstream

Reverse innovation in action: An ultrasound scanner shrinks to smartphone size.

When Innovation Flows Uphill

Think that all the best inventions happen in rich countries and trickle down to poor ones? Think again

Frankenstein is the same. It’s his story that changes.

E-Book Recreates a Monster

Frankenstein is back, but this time his story is interactive, as publishers scramble to "enhance" novels

The ballpark of the future in Miami

Welcome to the 21st Century Ballpark

The new Marlins Park in Miami isn't another retro stadium. No, it's high-tech and arty and a little bit wacky

The brain is more grid than tangle of spaghetti.

The Brain is Full of Surprises

New research suggests the brain is more organized than previously thought and alsothat a full memory can reside within only a few neurons

Some things never change: Disneyland's parking lot in the '50s.

Time to Reinvent the Parking Lot

Some urban planners and architects say we can do a lot better than asphalt slabs and concrete boxes

How long before robots show a full range of emotions?

When Robots Get Morals

The rapid development of artificial intelligence is bringing us closer to the day when machines will be able to think for themselves

Where time speeds up and motion slows down

When Cameras Trick Us and We Love It

Technological wizardry is allowing us to see the natural world in stunningly new ways

How much of your information is shared online?

Somebody’s Tracking You

Technology now allows companies to follow your behavior on the Web and customize ads for you based on that data. When does that become invasion of privacy?

Is there a way to make the pain go away?

Pain and the Brain

Our nervous system can hold on to pain memories for a long time. But scientists may have found a way to make pain go away for good

Is there an end in sight for Alzheimer's?

The Race For an Alzheimer’s Miracle

Researchers have made a flurry of discoveries related to memory loss recently. But will they really help us find a way to keep brains from shutting down?

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