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Rare People Who Remember Everything

Scientists are taking a closer look at the extremely rare people who remember everything from their pasts. And yes, their brains are different.

The architect Rem Koolhaas, 67. Koolhaas' habit of shaking up established conventions has made him one of the most influential architects of his generation.

Why is Rem Koolhaas the World's Most Controversial Architect?

Age has not tempered the Dutch architect, who at 67 continues to shake up the cultural landscape with his provocative designs

The pogo stick remained essentially unchanged for 80 years. Recently, three inventors have created powerful new gravity-defying machines that can leap over (small) buildings in a single bound.

How the Pogo Stick Leapt From Classic Toy to Extreme Sport

Three lone inventors took the gadget that had changed little since it was invented more than 80 years ago and transformed it into a gnarly, big air machine

The superbug behind a deadly outbreak

Attack of the Superbugs

Gene detectives tracking a outbreak at the National Institutes of Health reminded of how much we don't know about how infections spread through a hospital


What is the Future of College Education?

More and more top American universities are offering courses online for free. Going to college will never be the same again

Can sensors make you jump higher?

Is That a Computer in Your Shoe?

Sensors in sports shoes get all the attention, but other devices can identify you by how you walk and help Alzheimer’s patients find their way home

Kitchen tech teaches chefs to cut along a virtual line.

Cooking With Robots

Along with motion-sensing cameras and projectors creating augmented reality, they'll likely be among the tools training chefs of the future

Brain research is now part of the daily news.

Brain Science: 10 New Studies That Get Inside Your Head

This new research reveals how little we know about the brain and how it affects our daily lives

Augmented reality puts flesh on dinosaur bones.

Augmented Reality Livens up Museums

We still have to wait a bit for Google Goggles, but augmented reality is moving mainstream, even bringing museum dinosaurs to life


Smartphone as Doctor

Some think that little computer you carry around with you is about to bring a sea change in the doctor-patient relationship. Is data power?


Scenes From a Changing Planet

Landsat satellites have been taking photos of Earth for a long time, but only now can you watch zoomable, time-lapse images of the planet's transformation.

The protests in Egypt fit right into the counterterrorism narrative.

The Message War

Counterterrorism strategy now includes everything from trolling on extremists' websites to studying how the brain responds to storytelling

What a deteriorating brain looks like

An Answer for Alzheimer’s?

A treatment for the disease has eluded scientists for almost two decades. But new research offers hope that they finally may be on the right path

Computers predict a city’s crime hot spots.

Can Computers Predict Crimes?

A lot of police departments hope so. They're starting to invest in software that uses algorithms to forecast where crimes are most likely to happen

Taizo the robot gets seniors to exercise.

10 Ways Tech Makes Old Age Easier

With their populations aging rapidly in coming decades, many countries, including the U.S., will rely heavily on technology to take care of seniors

Nasty weather over Oslo, Norway

Going to Extremes

As weather, from droughts to violent storms, becomes more likely, tech companies are developing tools to help us deal with the worst nature has to offer

As a child diagnosed with autism, Temple Grandin assumed that everybody thought in photo-realistic pictures.

Temple Grandin on a New Approach for Thinking About Thinking

The famed author and advocate for people with autism looks at the differences in how the human mind operates


Prepare to Go Underground

Upside down skyscrapers. Vacuum tubes whisking away trash. Welcome to the future of cities as they begin exploring the next urban frontier


Robots Enter the Job Market

In some cases, they're learning to work with humans. In others, they're taking over the whole plant

More clues than answers?

The Allure of Brain Scans

They sure make pretty pictures, but are we exaggerating what they can really tell us about what's going on inside our heads?

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