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Researchers discovered labels for Clemente Guardia chocolate at the site.

Archaeologists Discover 19th-Century Chocolate Factory in Barcelona

Housed in a medieval mansion, the workshop once produced sweets for Clemente Guardia, a thriving Catalonian chocolatier

The fishing village and beach resort of Agua Amarga, in Almería, is part of Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, the largest protected coastal area in Andalusia.

From Fabled Palaces to Ancient Medinas, a Journey Through Spain's Islamic History

Amid snowcapped mountains, sandy dunes, a wild seacoast and more, the legacy of the country's Moorish past can still be explored across the peninsula

A new overnight route will connect Amsterdam and Barcelona starting in the spring of 2025.

New Sleeper Train Will Connect Amsterdam and Barcelona

The proposed route is part of a broader push to increase cross-border rail travel in Europe

Top Spanish chefs have endorsed garum as a fishy sauce with deep roots in Spanish and Roman history.

Culinary Detectives Try to Recover the Formula for a Deliciously Fishy Roman Condiment

From Pompeii to modern laboratories, scholars are working to recreate garum, a sauce made from decaying fish that delighted ancient Rome

Thirteen-year-old Pedro de Frutos stands inside a dormant volcano near Timanfaya National Park. A series of eruptions
began in 1730 and lasted six years.

Learning to Love the Hardscrabble Life on Lanzarote

A photographic tour of those who eke out a life on the sunblasted island transformed by a volcano

View of the remarkably well-preserved wall of a Roman-era bath complex—one of many remarkable discoveries recently announced by the University of Cádiz in southeastern Spain

Sand Dunes Preserved These Roman Baths in Spain for Thousands of Years

Archaeologists found a bathing complex, an intact tomb, medieval pottery and more at sites along the country's southern shore

L to R: Forged works attributed to Goya, Modigliani and El Greco

A Swindler Almost Sold These Forged 'Masterpieces' for $14.7 Million

Spanish authorities halted the sale of the three works, which were falsely attributed to El Greco, Modigliani and Goya

Installation view of "Objects of Desire," which features such Surrealist creations as a stool topped with a bicycle wheel

Step Into a Surrealist World Populated by Horse-Shaped Lamps and Bicycle Tables

An exhibition in Madrid traces the enduring connection between Surrealism and design

The original sculpture (left) and the "restored" version (right)

Botched Art Restoration in Spain Renders Smiling Statue Unrecognizable

A disfigured carving in Palencia is the latest in a growing list of bungled conservation attempts by amateurs

El Quitasol (The Parasol) by Francisco del Goya, digitally doctored into a scene that portrays the consequences of climate change

See Four Spanish Masterpieces Updated to Reflect the Consequences of Climate Change

Timed to coincide with the ongoing U.N. Climate Change Conference, the campaign is a digital effort to warn the world

Bankruptcy of U.K.'s Largest Travel Operator Strands Thousands of Vacationers

The U.K. government is undertaking the largest repatriation effort since WWII to bring home 150,000 Thomas Cook customers

A local culture association has urged the government to move the rocks to a permanently dry location

Drought Reveals Dolmen of Guadalperal, Popularly Dubbed ‘Spanish Stonehenge’

Construction of a dam and reservoir in 1963 flooded the archaeological site, submerging the megalith monument and hiding it from view

The dormant Santa Margarida Volcano in Spain is home to a chapel.

There’s a Chapel Located Inside a Volcano in Spain

The site has been a place of worship since the Middle Ages, but its exact origins remain a mystery

Detail of the roof in the central nave of la Sagrada Familia. The columns are designed to invoke trees and branches.

137 Years After Construction Began, La Sagrada Familia Receives Building Permit

The church's trustees hope to complete construction by 2026, the centenary of architect Antoni Gaudi's death

Mock-up of the statue in place alongside the Segovian aqueduct

Why a Smiling Statue of Satan Is Stirring Up Controversy in Spain

Some Segovian locals say the affable bust is “offensive for Catholics, because it constitutes the glorification of evil”

A view of the Spitzmaus exhibit.

Seven Must-See New Museum Exhibits to Marvel at This Winter

From fancy lights to Wes Anderson aesthetics, these new exhibits explore artists, history and fun

Muntanya de Sal

Step Inside This Glittering Mountain of Salt

Resembling an iceberg and formed millions of years ago, Muntanya de Sal is one of the world's only salt mountains

Salvador Dalí with his pet ocelot, Babou, and cane. 1965.

Travel Through the Landscapes That Inspired Salvador Dalí

Three destinations in northeastern Spain offer a unique glimpse into the life of the famous surrealist

Salvador Dalí, "Gala Placidia. Galatea of the Spheres," 1952

Why Gala Dalí—Muse, Model and Artist—Was More Than Just Salvador’s Wife

Barcelona exhibition draws on 315 artifacts to unravel the myths behind central surrealist figure

Magic Moments, April 2018

A Photographer Captures Contrasts and Characters in Barcelona's Streets

Josep Fabrega Agea, a retired teacher and psychosociologist, points his lens at the city's dark corners and poetic places

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