“Secure Speech Cipher System”

A new poem by Linda Bierds


A New Poem: “Argument from Design”

American poet David Yezzi’s latest composition



A new poem by former poet laureate Billy Collins


“Stem Cells”

A new poem by Amit Majmudar

Poet Marianne Moore, 81, threw out the first pitch at the opening of the 1968 baseball season at Yankee Stadium on April 10th, against the Los Angeles Angels.

Poetry Matters: In Baseball, No Poet Has Yet to Do the Game Justice

Smithsonian historian David Ward umpires the field of poetry, honoring the boys of spring, and calls a strike


“In the Sistine Chapel”

A new poem by Scott Brennan

Billy Collins is a two-time poet laureate of the United States.

Billy Collins’ “The Deep”

A new poem from the former poet laureate of the United States


"Evolution of the Host"—A New Poem by Robert Pinsky

"Evolution of the Host"—A New Poem by Robert Pinsky


"Confederates Try to Burn New York"

A new poem by George Green

Langston Hughes is one of the many poets featured in the National Portrait Gallery's "Poetic Likeness" exhibition.

Who Are the Geniuses Behind Your Favorite Poems?

A new exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery unmasks the titans of modern American poetry


“Midafternoon Midsummer”

A new poem by Coleman Barks


“Black Hands”

A new poem by Amit Majmudar


"Pattern and Snarl" – A New Poem by Amit Majmudar

Read the latest poem that was "inspired by a delight in design and pattern"

J. Allyn Rosser is an American poet and currently teaches at Ohio University.

Summer Olympics Look, a Poem

Poet J. Allyn Rosser's new piece on watching the Olympic Games

The Star Spangled Banner. 1814. Manuscript by Francis Scott Key.

Document Deep Dive: The Musical History of "The Star-Spangled Banner"

Was the national anthem really set to the melody of a drinking tune? Take a closer look at the original manuscript of Francis Scott Key's song


The Chicken and the Egg

A new poem from the Pulitzer-Prize-winning poet


Venice by Kay Ryan

The former U.S. poet laureate writes about the Italian city

John Gillespie Magee Jr.

70 Years of “Slipping the Surly Bonds”

Whether you love it or hate it, John Gillespie Magee's "High Flight" remains the most enduring of aviation poems

Originally buried in an unmarked grave in 1849, Edgar Allan Poe's remains were moved to this downtown Baltimore monument in 1875.

Forget Edgar Allan Poe? Nevermore!

Cities up and down the East Coast claim author Edgar Allan Poe as their own and and celebrate his 200th birthday

Langston Hughes' epic poem, Ask Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz is the text for the piece performed by Jessye Norman, among others.

A Jazzed-Up Langston Hughes

A long-forgotten poem about the African-American experience is given new life in a multimedia performance

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