The gene-edited pig heart recipient, who was ineligible for a human heart transplant, is doing well three days after the surgery. 

In a First, Man Receives a Heart From a Gene-Edited Pig

The swine-to-person cardiac transplant offers hope for thousands in need of organs

Pork producers are challenging the law in Iowa, where a third of the country’s hogs are raised, claiming it will cost “tens of millions of dollars” annually to meet the requirements.

New Animal Welfare Law Could Drive Up Pork Prices in California—and Nationwide

In 2018, Californians overwhelmingly supported Proposition 12, an initiative designed to create humane conditions for farm animals

Feral hogs wreak havoc on the ecosystems they invade, and new research suggests they're also contributing to climate change by releasing 1.1 million cars-worth of carbon dioxide every year.

New Research

Feral Pigs Release 1.1 Million Cars-Worth of Planet-Warming Carbon Dioxide Every Year

The study's results add exacerbating climate change to the list of environmental impacts ascribed to this invasive species

Experiments showed that pigs and mice can absorb oxygen through their rectums.

New Research

Anally Delivered Oxygen Kept Suffocating Pigs and Mice Alive in the Lab. Could the Method One Day Save Human Lives, Too?

The technique may provide doctors with a new way of providing supplemental oxygen for patients with failing lungs

The Yorkshire pigs in the study, named Omelet and Hamlet, outgrew their pen after 12 weeks.

New Research

Pigs Can Learn to Play Video Games When Tempted by Treats

The four swine in the study always wanted to be the first at the computer each day

“For the elite, the nobility, everything did change radically—the administration of the country, legal frameworks, the organization of the landscape,” says study co-author Richard Madgwick. “But at a lower level, people adapted to the new normal rapidly.”

New Research

How Did the Norman Conquest Change English Cuisine?

After the invasion of 1066, pork and possibly chicken spiked in popularity

The epidemic claimed the lives of some 8 million pigs by spring of 2014.


A Coronavirus Spread Through U.S. Pigs in 2013. Here’s How It Was Stopped

The containment practices of outbreaks past could have lessons for modern epidemics

A rancher tends to several small feral hogs in a pen in Texas. But in the wild, these hogs are considered invasive—and they're headed north.

Feral Pigs Are Invasive, Voracious and Resilient. They're Also Spreading

The destructive swine are expanding their range in the United States and appear to be encroaching from Canada

Researchers previously believed that traces of animal fat left in pottery stemmed from feasts held by Stonehenge's builders.

Did Stonehenge’s Builders Use Lard to Move Its Boulders Into Place?

Animal fat residue found on ceramic vessels suggests the ancient Britons who built the monument greased their wooden sledges with lard

New Research

Stonehenge Pig Roasts Drew People From All Over Neolithic Britain

Isotopic analysis of pig bones in feasting sites near the monument show people were traveling as far as Scotland with their own pigs

Faced with rising floodwaters that threaten to top their 19-inch absorption limit, the open-air pits could pose a significant environmental and health hazard

Florence Fall-Out Threatens to Release Waste Stored in Dozens of North Carolina Hog Lagoons

As of noon Wednesday, the Department of Environmental Quality had identified 21 flooded lagoons actively releasing hog waste into the environment

Camera trap image of Javan warty pig.

Watch Rare Footage of the Elusive Javan Warty Pig in the Wild

Habitat destruction and hunting are rapidly driving the "world's ugliest pig" to extinction

Activist Will Not Be Jailed for Giving Water to Pigs

Anita Krajnc was charged with mischief after she offered water to pigs being transported to a slaughterhouse

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What Killed More Than Half a Dozen of the Bahamas' Swimming Pigs?

Drought and sand-tainted snacks might be the reason for the recent deaths

This Wild Pig Has Fangs That Can Pierce Its Own Skull

A male babirusa's canines are an evolutionary mystery: They never stop growing

Sculptor Anne Arnold and her husband, the abstract painter Ernest Briggs, owned a house with a barn in Montville, Maine, where they raised farm animals, including pigs, cows, and chickens, and kept many dogs and cats. Arnold frequently relied on photographs of her menagerie to create her lively sculptures of animals in metal and wood.

A Look at the Creative Process and What Makes an Artist Tick

A new exhibition delivers a better understanding of where artists find their inspiration

Cool Finds

For $1,600 You Can Own a Genetically Altered Micropig

From lab animal to potential pet

New Research

Pigs Aren't Quite as Domesticated as People Once Thought

Researchers partially unravel the complexity of domesticated swine genetics

Wild pigs go for a dip off Big Major Cay in the Exhumas, Bahamas.

Not Just Dolphins: Where to Swim With Pigs, Penguins and the Gentlest of Sharks

At these beaches, splash around with some more unusual creatures

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