Northern Ireland

Procession marking the opening of the Belfast-based Ulster parliament in June 1921

One Hundred Years Ago, Northern Ireland's 'Unholy War' Resulted in a Deadly Summer

In July 1921, an outburst of sectarian violence in Belfast claimed 16 lives on the eve of a truce between Great Britain and Ireland

The photographs document daily life starting in the late 1920s. For additional information on the archive, contact

See Northern Ireland Through the Lens of a Pioneering Woman Archaeologist

Newly digitized photographs by educator and historian Mabel Remington Colhoun cover the 1920s through the 1980s

10-year-old Fionntan Hughes found the sword on his first day using a new metal detector.

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Using a Metal Detector, 10-Year-Old Boy Finds Centuries-Old Sword in Northern Ireland

Fionntan Hughes had just received the device for his birthday

The main circular earthwork at Navan Fort in Northern Ireland measures roughly 130 feet in diameter. But archaeologists surveying the site have found signs of even larger structures that may have been temples.

Cool Finds

Evidence of Enormous Temples Found at Northern Ireland's Navan Fort

Non-invasive survey reveals traces of Iron Age religious structures, early medieval royal residences

One of the pig jaws analyzed for the study

People Trekked Across Ireland to Eat Pork at This Ancient Site

A new study suggests travelers brought pigs from far-flung locations to the ceremonial feasting hub of Navan Fort

Strains of Streptomyces bacteria, found in soil, grow in a lab at Swansea University in Wales. They're so new to science they haven't been named.

Soil From a Northern Ireland Graveyard May Lead Scientists to a Powerful New Antibiotic

An ancient legend could provide a new weapon in the fight against deadly bacteria

Queen Elizabeth examines the bones of Charles Byrne in 1962.

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Why the Skeleton of the "Irish Giant" Could Be Buried at Sea

Activists want the bones of Charles Byrne to be buried according to his wishes

The remnants of Hurricane Ophelia are seen enveloping Ireland on October 16

How Ex-Hurricane Ophelia Turned Skies Red Over the U.K

In a year of crazy weather, the remnants of the massive storm headed toward the British Isles

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