A researchers examines some of the graves unearthed in 2013

Thousands of Bodies Rest Under the University of Mississippi Medical Center Campus

The University hopes to remove the bodies and build a memorial and laboratory to study the former insane asylum patients

HIV Has Reappeared in the Mississippi Baby Who Was Supposedly Cured of The Disease

The findings cast doubt on our ability to infected rid newborns of HIV, at least for the time being

Riverbank of the Mississippi River as the dusk sun sets on a summer evening.

My Life as a Mississippi River Rat

A half century spent on, in, and around our most all-American body of water

The Mississippi River Carries More Than Enough Sand to Rebuild Its Sinking Delta

The mighty Mississippi carries enough sand and silt to rebuild Louisiana's disappearing marshes for the next 600 years

Vying for tamale-downing dominance, Carter demolished 16 of the Delta delicacies. A key part of his strategy: swigging from his opponent’s water bottle.

How the Hot Tamale Conquered the American South

Our intrepid reporter heads back to the Mississippi Delta in search of his favorite food—and the title of tamale-eating champ

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