Land Birds

James T. Tanner's photographs of the ivory-billed woodpecker with guide J.J. Kuhn were believed to be the only pictures of a living nestling.

A Close Encounter With the Rarest Bird

Newfound negatives provide fresh views of the young ivory-billed woodpecker

Burrowing owls are the only North American bird of prey that nests exclusively underground.

The Little Owls That Live Underground

Burrowing owls can thrive amid agricultural development and urbanization—so why are they imperiled?

Peregrine falcons are the fastest animal on earth.  They have been clocked at over 200 miles per hour as they descend upon their target.

The World’s Fastest Animal Takes New York

The peregrine falcon, whose salvation began 40 years ago, commands the skies above the Empire State Building

In the Ecuador wilderness (guides Nelson, at the helm, and Paa), Charles Bergman sought the roots of the illegal animal trade (a blue-headed parrot chick).

Wildlife Trafficking

A reporter follows the lucrative, illicit and heartrending trade in stolen wild animals deep into Ecuador's rain forest

The Cassowary bird at Lahore Zoo.

Invasion of the Cassowaries

Passions run high in an Australian town: Should the endangered birds be feared—or fed?

Condors can soar 150 miles in a day on their giant wings. The birds often fly for hours at a time with hardly a flap of their wings

Condors in a Coal Mine

California's lead bullet ban protects condors and other wildlife, but its biggest beneficiaries may be humans

Cowbirds (a male, above) "are more highly evolved than we previously thought," says Jeff Hoover.

Wiseguys with Wings

"Mafia" cowbirds muscle warblers into raising their young

In the past decade or so, over 95 percent of India's vultures have died.

Soaring Hopes

The first two Asian vultures breed in captivity

For hundreds of years the Parsi people of Mumbai have left their dead on the Towers of Silence, to be consumed by vultures. Now the sacred practice is in peril.

The Vanishing

Little noticed by the outside world, perhaps the most dramatic decline of a wild animal in history has been taking place in India and Pakistan


Ghost of a Chance

How did the ivory-billed woodpecker, which was feared extinct, hang on all these years?


Seeing a Ghost

A woodpecker feared extinct reappears in Arkansas

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