Archaeologists excavating a new theater uncovered near Jerusalem's Western Wall

Roman Theater Uncovered Near Jerusalem's Western Wall

Never finished or used, the small theater has been sought for more than a century by archaeologists

Toad bones

Jar of Headless Toads Found in Bronze Age Tomb

Found in Jerusalem, the little hoppers could have been an afterlife snack or a symbol of rejuvenation

The new Palestinian Museum in the West Bank's Birzeit

Palestinian Museum's First Exhibit Opens

In four sections, 'Jerusalem Lives' uses a variety of mediums to look at Jerusalem's history, political status and daily life

A crowd gathers in the "Bird Migration" exhibit at the Steinhardt Museum during the inauguration event.

The Middle East Is a Treasure Trove of Natural Wonders. Now It Has a Museum to Show Them Off

Everything from early human skulls to priceless taxidermy relics will be on display in the ark-shaped museum

A Culinary Renaissance in the Israeli Countryside

Beyond Tel Aviv, towns are adopting enticing new approaches to cuisine that celebrate the history of the region and and the diversity of its people

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