Breadfruit grows on trees.

Is Breadfruit the Climate Change-Proof Food of the Future?

New research suggests it will fare better than our current staple crops under warming conditions

Transplanting a human protein, known for promoting growth, into crops may engender larger, heavier and more bountiful plants.

Researchers Transfer a Human Protein Into Plants to Supersize Them

While a promising route to boosting crop yields, experts say more work needs to be done to understand why the tweak works

The United Nation's World Food Program claimed this year's Nobel Peace Prize.

World Food Program Wins 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

This year's award seeks to highlight the need for global solidarity in a time of crisis, says prize committee chair Berit Reiss-Andersen

The new report finds that one in nine people are undernourished globally.

World Hunger Is on the Rise for the Third Year in a Row

A new report warns that war and increased natural disasters from climate change are beginning to reverse gains made in recent decades

New Report Ranks Easiest and Hardest Places to Be a Kid

Save the Children compares 172 countries based on factors like child mortality rates and adolescent birth rates

As part of his survival plan, Watney uses vacuum-packed potatoes to start his own farm on Mars.

Scientists Successfully Grow Potatoes in Mars-Like Soils

Can potatoes grow on the red planet? The International Potato Center is on the case

This crop near Kagwada, South Sudan was destroyed first by armed rebels, then by roaming cattle who wiped it clean. South Sudan now faces a humanitarian crisis in the form of a famine.

With Tens of Thousands Facing Starvation, Famine Is Declared in Parts of South Sudan

One million more are “on the brink” of famine

An Evaptainer is a lightweight storage unit that uses evaporative cooling to cut down on food spoilage.

Could This Cooler Help Combat Global Hunger?

The Evaptainer keeps perishable food fresh for up to two weeks–no electricity required

A malnourished Somalian baby is held by its mother while waiting for food during a 2011 drought.

It’s 2016. Here’s How Hungry the World Is

More than 21 percent of the developing world is in “serious” need of food, according to a new report

Canned Goods and Cucumber Seeds: Food Banks Are Starting to Give Out Garden Starters

Canned goods take a backseat to freshly-grown produce

How to Predict a Famine Before It Even Strikes

Hundred of miles about Earth, orbiting satellites are becoming a bold new weapon in the age-old fight against drought, disease and death

Miracle fruit, or Synsepalum dulcificum, grows on bushy trees native to West Africa.

Can This Berry Solve Both Obesity and World Hunger?

At a playful café in Chicago, chef Homaro Cantu is experimenting with miracle fruit, a West African berry that makes everything a little sweeter

Berlin Children Cheering Airlift Plane

65 Years Ago Today, the Soviet Blockade of Berlin Ended

The first real showdown between the Soviet Union and the West ended 65 years ago today

A mural of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Hundreds of Thousands of Syrians Are Starving As the Civil War Continues

Sieges and blocked supplies are hurting Syria's civilian population

A Scientific Explanation of How Marijuana Causes the Munchies

THC appears to increase our sensitivity to scents and flavors by using naturally occurring neural networks to convince the brain that it's starving

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