Fossil Fuels

Fires scorched the West in last month, the hottest September on record.

We Just Lived Through the Hottest September Ever Recorded

The heat has fueled fires, one of the most active Atlantic hurricane seasons and melting Arctic sea ice

A visual representation of global methane from January 26, 2018. Red areas indicate higher concentrations of methane swirling in the atmosphere.

New Research

World Methane Emissions Hit New High

Agriculture and fossil fuels drive a surge in global emissions of the powerful greenhouse gas

An image of the Camp Fire in Northern California on November 8, 2018, from the Landsat 8 satellite.

Scientists Around the World Declare 'Climate Emergency'

More than 11,000 signatories to a new research paper argue that we need new ways to measure the impacts of a changing climate on human society

John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino

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Development of the Lithium-Ion Battery Earns Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The award honors three scientists whose contributions led to the rechargeable battery that makes our modern world possible

The team derived acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, from a plant wall polymer called lignin.

Researchers Develop Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly Method to Produce Tylenol

Current manufacturing processes rely on coal tar, which is produced using fossil fuels

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The Future of Helium Is Up in the Air

The world is experiencing a shortage of the gas, a byproduct of natural gas production, threatening MRIs, scientific research and birthday parties

Haze at Joshua Tree National Park.

New Research

Signficant Air Pollution Plagues Almost All U.S. National Parks

Ozone and other pollutants are obscuring views, hurting plants and causing health concerns for visitors at 96 percent of parks

New Research

This New Plastic Can Be Endlessly Recycled

The new material, dubbed PDK, can be deconstructed down to the molecular level

Haze in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

New Research

Air Pollution Is Stealing a Year of Life From People Around the Globe

Tiny particles that contribute to lung disease, strokes and heart attacks are robbing Americans of 4 months and over 1.8 years of life elsewhere

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This Fish Outlived Dinosaurs But Oil and Gas Drilling May Threaten Its Survival

Oil exploration is set to begin near the habitat of the critically endangered coelacanth, a type of fish that has survived over 400 million years

A family of four buying gas at a service station.

A Short Picture History of Gas Stations

Gas stations have evolved a lot from their humble roots

Paris may still be congested in 2040, but fossil fuel congestion will fall with a new ban on gas- and diesel-burning vehicles.

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France May Say ‘Au Revoir’ to Fossil-Fueled Vehicles

It’s a bid to dramatically reduce the country’s carbon emissions

Birth weights declined near the Paradise Fossil Plant in Kentucky during the 1980s.

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Coal-Fueled Power Plants Linked to Lower Birth Weights in Tennessee Valley

When nuclear power plants pressed pause, coal stepped in—and birth weights began to decline

Future of Energy

The Shoes With No (Carbon) Footprint

Energy company NRG has made a pair of sneakers from carbon emissions

Age of Humans

Climate Fight Moves From the Streets to the Courts

Recent actions by both youth and state attorneys are making climate change a legal issue, not just an environmental cause

On the last day of the climate conference in Paris, thousands of people gathered to demonstrate for global climate justice and against climate change.

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Four Things to Know About the Paris Climate Deal

The strengths and limitations of the roadmap for fighting climate change

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Every Year, Norway Hosts an Oil Cleanup Drill

The annual release of offshore oil is no accident — it’s a chance to train, test, and prepare for the possibility of a catastrophic oil spill

To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the world would need to leave some 80 percent of current coal reserves in the ground, according to a new study.


To Meet Global Warming Targets, Leave Fuels In the Ground

Hefty percentages of fossil fuels need to remain untapped to curtail the rising global temperature

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New Study: Blame Defective Wells for Fracking Leaks

Fixing shoddy wells could mean making fracking safer for the environment

We're spending hundreds of millions of dollars to mimic a mangrove tree, basically.

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Texas Just Started Building the Largest Carbon Capture Facility Ever

The plant will soak up most of the emissions from its coal-fired power production

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