Thought leaders gathered at the National Museum of Natural History to discuss the past, present and future of the flu.

When the Next Pandemic Hits, Will We Be Prepared?

The question isn’t whether a pandemic will strike—it’s how it will play out.

Corpsmen in cap and gown ready to attend patients in influenza ward of US Naval Hospital in Mare Island, California, December 10, 1918.

The United States Is Not Ready for Another Flu Pandemic

You might think that today, if a pandemic like the 1918 flu hit, we'd be ready for it. You'd be wrong

A demonstration at the Red Cross Emergency Ambulance Station in Washington, D.C., during the influenza pandemic of 1918

Why Did the 1918 Flu Kill So Many Otherwise Healthy Young Adults?

Uncovering a World War I veteran's story provided a genealogist and pharmacologist with some clues

Watch: Experts Discuss "The Next Pandemic: Are We Prepared?"

Thought leaders gathered at the National Museum of Natural History on November 13 to discuss the past, present and future of the flu


The Next Pandemic

With Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the National Museum of Natural History, we look at the past, present and future of the flu

The influenza ward at Walter Reed Hospital during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918

Ten Famous People Who Survived the 1918 Flu

The notables who recovered from the pandemic included a pioneer of American animation, world-famous artists and two U.S. presidents

A CDC scientist harvests H7N9 virus that has been grown for sharing with partner laboratories for research purposes.

What's In Your Flu Shot?

An influenza expert at Johns Hopkins University explains how the cocktail for this year's flu vaccine was developed

A woman sells live poultry at the market in Gaosheng Township, where Long purchased chickens and later died from bird flu.

Is China Ground Zero for a Future Pandemic?

Hundreds there have already died of a new bird flu, putting world health authorities on high alert

Flu pandemics begin when novel animal viruses start spreading between people.

How to Stop a Lethal Virus

With tens of millions of lives at stake, medical researchers are racing to create a revolutionary flu vaccine before the next devastating epidemic

American Expeditionary Force victims of the flu pandemic at U.S. Army Camp Hospital no. 45 in Aix-les-Bains, France, in 1918.

How the 1918 Flu Pandemic Revolutionized Public Health

Mass death changed how we think about illness, and government's role in treating it

This 1976 photograph shows a woman receiving a vaccination during the nationwide swine flu vaccination campaign.

The Long Shadow of the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine 'Fiasco'

Some, but not all, of the hesitance to embrace vaccines can be traced back to this event more than 40 years ago

Say "Au Revoir" to France's Foie Gras (Only For a Bit)

Fowl flu fuels foie gras fears

Schuylkill County Deputy Coroner Joe Pothering points to human bones in embankment along Route 61 in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania August 14, 2015. Forensic archaeologists on Friday began excavating a highway embankment in eastern Pennsylvania, looking for more bones believed to be from impoverished victims of the worldwide Spanish flu pandemic in 1918.

Human Bones Found Near Pennsylvania Highway Could Be From the 1918 Flu

Roadside construction reveals mass gravesite

Dog flu spreads nose to nose. The virus can be eliminated by cleaning areas touched by potentially infected dogs.

A New Strain of Canine Flu Is on the Rise

Possible cases of dog flu pop up in 13 states

The 2014-15 flu vaccine is here, but the CDC warns that it's not as effective as hoped.

A Universal Flu Vaccine May Be On the Horizon

Choosing the viral targets for the seasonal flu vaccine is a gamble. Sometimes, like this year, the flu wins

Doctors, army officers and reporters protect themselves during the 1918 pandemic.

The Flu Has Been Making People Sick for At Least 500 Years

The 1918 flu pandemic gets all the headlines, but the malady is thought to have first appeared in the 16th century—and possibly earlier

More and more people are dealing with routine health ailments through video calls.

Need a Quick Diagnosis? A Prescription for What Ails You? The Doctor Will Video Chat With You Now

One of the hottest trends in health care is telemedicine networks of doctors who diagnose ailments over the phone

Why Google Flu Trends Can't Track the Flu (Yet)

The vaunted big data project falls victim to periodic tweaks in Google's own search algorithms

The Intel Science Talent Search honored the top winner and nine esteemed runners-up of its 2014 competition at a black-tie affair in Washington, D.C.

These Teenagers Have Already Accomplished More Than You Ever Will

The winners of this year's Intel Science Talent Search take on flu vaccines, stem cells and tools for diagnosing cancer

Seriously, Just Stay in Bed: Fever-Reducing Pills May Boost Flu Transmission

Nixing a fever boosts virus replication, which could result in additional transmission

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