What Is Bitcoin, Exactly?

A new book tells the backstory and provides an easy-to-understand explanation of the much buzzed-about cryptocurrency

Detroit Institute of Arts

Bidders Are Clamoring for Detroit’s Artwork, But the City Isn’t Selling

As the bankruptcy fight rages on, Detroit’s artworks are still objects of interest

Artwork At Delaware Art Muesum

Detroit's Art Might Be Safe, But Delaware's Isn't

Detroit (for now) has prevented a massive sale of artwork, but Delaware’s art museum hasn’t been so lucky

The New York Stock Exchange trading floor in 1963.

How Stress Hormones Impact the Behavior of Investors

Cortisol, a natural hormone, has been found to rise during times of market volatility and make people more risk-averse

Wall Street with Trinity Church in the distance.

The Financial Panic of 1907: Running from History

Robert F. Bruner discusses the panic of 1907 and the financial crisis of 2008

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