Walter Alvarez

Congrats to Walter Alvarez, Extinction-by-Impact Theorist


Dinosaur Extinction Theories, Part I -- Could Vitamin D Supplements Have Saved the Triceratops?


Dinosaurs 3D: Giants of the Patagonia

Chinese river dolphin


Pallid sturgeons, which can reach six feet long and live 60 years, flourished for eons in murky American waters.

Curtains for the Pallid Sturgeon

Can biologists breed the "Dinosaurs of the Missouri" fast enough to stave off their extinction?

For hundreds of years the Parsi people of Mumbai have left their dead on the Towers of Silence, to be consumed by vultures. Now the sacred practice is in peril.

The Vanishing

Little noticed by the outside world, perhaps the most dramatic decline of a wild animal in history has been taking place in India and Pakistan


Return of the Jaguar?

Novel camera traps have documented the elusive cat in Arizona, suggesting it may not be gone from the United States after all


Ghost of a Chance

How did the ivory-billed woodpecker, which was feared extinct, hang on all these years?


Seeing a Ghost

A woodpecker feared extinct reappears in Arkansas


Palm Plight

Assaulted by myriad threats to their survival, palm species around the world face the likelihood of extinction

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