Fashion designer Samantha Sleeper has made face masks for healthcare workers as supplies dwindle due to COVID-19.

As Face Mask Supply Dwindles, Fashion Designers Offer Their Assistance

In New York City, a desperate need among healthcare workers has pushed to the forefront the question: Is homemade equipment safe to use?

Britain's weather can be fickle, but digitizing past data could help researchers forecast the future.

Bored at Home? Help Great Britain 'Rescue' Its Old Rainfall Records

Precious data points logged on paper are in dire need of a hero. Could it be you?

With pyramids closed to visitors, workers are deep cleaning the structures.

Amid COVID-19 Closures, Egypt Sanitizes the Giza Pyramids

The country has shut down its museums and archaeological sites in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus

The list includes The Other Madisons: The Lost History of a President's Black Family and The War Queens: Extraordinary Women Who Ruled the Battlefield.

Five New Nonfiction Books to Read While You're Stuck at Home

We're highlighting newly released titles may have been lost in the news as the nation endures the coronavirus pandemic

Education titles are doing particularly well, with sales of children’s nonfiction education, reference and language arts books up 12 percent from the same period last year.

Children's Educational Books See Uptick in Sales Amid COVID-19 School Closures

Titles related to "home-life" subjects—like preserving and canning—have also experienced a boost in sales

Parks reopened in Wuhan on Thursday, March 26.

China Plans to Lift Lockdown on Wuhan, Where COVID-19 Was First Detected

With no new infections reported in Hubei province in recent days, restrictions are easing up—but experts worry about possible 'second wave' of cases

How should you discuss a topic as scary and complicated as a pandemic with children?

How to Talk With Children About COVID-19

An early childhood education expert provides tips about how to explain the ongoing pandemic to children

A mountain gorilla in Uganda

COVID-19 Could Threaten Great Ape Populations, Researchers Warn

No SARS-CoV-2 infections have yet been detected in our closest living relatives. But there is precedent for viruses jumping from people to other great apes

The Baldwins' home was reconstructed in 1966 and is now a museum showcasing the missionary's life in the mid-1800s.

Archaeologists Unearth Remnants of Kitchen Behind Oldest House Still Standing in Maui

The missionary who lived in the house during the mid-1800s delivered vaccinations to locals during a smallpox epidemic



Providing historical context and scientific evidence as the pandemic unfolds

Sara Cartelli fills bottles with a hand sanitizer at the Claremont Distillery during the coronavirus pandemic on March 20, 2020 in Fairfield, New Jersey. Distillery owner Tim Koether will offer it to the general public for free.

Distilleries Around the U.S. Shift Production to Hand Sanitizer

Some distilleries are donating their new product to local communities in need

Pohl emphasized that killing rats was a civic duty, telling the Oregonian that “everyone in the city, rich and poor, should consider it his duty to exterminate rats.”

The Pioneering Health Officer Who Saved Portland From the Plague

Tasked with curbing a 1907 outbreak, Esther Pohl emphasized the importance of clean, vermin-free environments

Policemen patrol the streets near Notre-Dame on March 17, 2020, as a strict lockdown comes into effect.

Two Men Arrested After Trying to Steal Stones From Notre-Dame

The suspects were found drunk and hiding under a tarpaulin, reportedly in possession of small stones from the fire-ravaged cathedral

The top of Zagreb Cathedral's southern spire toppled during Sunday's earthquake.

5.4-Magnitude Earthquake Damages Zagreb Cathedral, Museums

The tremors, which arrived in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, was the worst the Croatian capital has seen in 140 years

The Games will now take place in the summer of 2021.

Amid a Pandemic, Olympic Committee Postpones Summer Games Until 2021

Delaying the Games for a year is considered by many to be the best course of action for public health

The tobacco mosaic virus seen under 160,000× magnification

How a Few Sick Tobacco Plants Led Scientists to Unravel the Truth About Viruses

With the COVID-19 coronavirus causing a global pandemic, a look back at the scientists who figured out viruses and their relationship to disease

In lieu of visiting Yellowstone (pictured here) and other national parks in person, try exploring them virtually.

How COVID-19 Is Affecting the United States' National Parks

Some sites have closed completely, while others are making modifications to promote social distancing

NASA plans to use the Space Launch System rocket to bring astronauts to the moon.

NASA Projects Slowed by COVID-19, but New Mars Rover Perseveres

If Perseverance doesn’t launch this year, it will have to wait until 2022

The Kennedy Space Center will have daily Facebook Live presentations for young children at 9:30 a.m. and for teens at 1 p.m.

This Week's Best Livestream Learning Opportunities

From doodle sessions to zoo tours, here's a week of online activities to keep your kids learning during the school shutdown

A stained glass window designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany is one of many artworks available for your perusal.

68 Cultural, Historical and Scientific Collections You Can Explore Online

Tour world-class museums, read historic cookbooks, browse interactive maps and more

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