Contemporary Art

Filthy Lucre, 2013-2014, by Darren Waterston, MASS MoCA installation

Whistler's Peacock Room is Reimagined in a State of Oozing and Broken Decay

In Filthy Lucre, a new installation at the Sackler Gallery, artist Darren Waterston deconstructs Whistler's masterpiece

"Out of Many, One" by Jorge Rodrígues-Gerada on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Want to See the New Massive Portrait on the National Mall? Go Up

The project, made of soil and sand, will cover five acres between the Lincoln Memorial and World War II Memorial

Ai sits in a replica of the prison cell in which he was detained in 2011. No one in China, he has said, "has a solid belief or trust in society."

Why is Ai Weiwei Breaking Into Alcatraz?

China's most controversial artist selected America's most notorious prison as the home for his new show

Tempered chaos is key for painter Maggie Michael (in her Washington, D.C. studio). "In control or out of control; loved or loving; sexual or violent; my work relates to different aspects of our humanness," she says.

Artist on the Rise

Contemporary artist Maggie Michael shakes up abstract painting by giving control a chance

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