Over the past 13 years, The Great Salt Lick Contest in Oregon has raised more than $150,000 for charity.

Who Says Horses and Cows Can't Be Artists?

The sculptures on display at the Great Salt Lick Contest in Oregon are the work of cattle, horses, sheep and deer

Extreme weather events likely had severe consequences, depleting harvests and weakening humans and livestock alike

Animal Fat Found in Clay Pottery Reveals How Ancient People Adapted to Drought

Neolithic farmers switched from cattle to goat herding, abandoned communal dwellings for smaller households to adjust to new climate

Cattle graze on the open range in this shot from ca. 1920-1930.

The 1887 Blizzard That Changed the American Frontier Forever

A blizzard hit the western open range, causing the “Great Die Up” and transforming America’s agricultural history

The Fourth Case of Mad Cow Disease Ever Reported in the U.S. Was Just Confirmed

The victim likely picked up the disease while traveling abroad

A pastoral cattle herder in near the Meatu district in Tanzania.

Africans' Ability To Digest Milk Co-Evolved With Livestock Domestication

Lactose tolerance spread throughout Africa along human pastoral migration routes, say scientists

There Might Be a Way to Eat More Meat Without Ruining the Planet

Grain has a lot to do with it

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