Scientists are able to detect the DNA of tumor cells floating in blood.

Are We Close to Having a Blood Test That Detects Cancer?

New research into "liquid biopsies" is promising, but there's still not proof they can find cancer in a healthy person

Treating 5-year-old Barbara Bowles required doctors who were “on a mission, looking for something brand-new.”

Childhood Leukemia Was Practically Untreatable Until Dr. Don Pinkel and St. Jude Hospital Found a Cure

A half century ago, a young doctor took on a deadly form of cancer—and the scientific establishment

Scientists will attempt to edit T cells in cancer patients in the first-ever human trial of CRISPR in the United States.

Editing of Human Genes May Begin by Year’s End in the U.S.

The first-ever trial of CRISPR in the U.S. will test if it's safe to edit T cells in cancer patients

Meet "Opaque Couché," the world's most hideous hue.

The World’s "Ugliest" Color Could Help People Quit Smoking

Officials hope hideous packs of cigarette packs will make would-be smokers think twice

In his book The Gene: An Intimate History, Siddhartha Mukherjee discusses family, cancer, and the meaning of genetic normalcy.

Siddhartha Mukherjee Follows Up Biography of Cancer With “An Intimate History” of Genetics

The Pulitzer Prize winner calls his latest not a sequel, but a prequel to his bestseller

The pigeon will see you now.

Pigeons Can Spot Breast Cancer in Medical Images

After just a few weeks of training, the brainy birds rivaled human levels of accuracy in their diagnoses

This Man Got Cancer from a Tapeworm

A very strange case challenges some assumptions about parasites

5 Things to Know About the WHO’s Statement on Red Meat and Cancer

Yesterday's announcement created widespread confusion for carnivores

This Gene Might Be Why Elephants’ Don't Get Cancer

Their large bodies and many cells mean more elephants should be dying of cancer, scientists are trying to figure out why not

A University of Michigan biomedical engineering research fellow shows off several of the scaffolds.

These “Sponges” Can Soak Up Cancer Cells

Implants designed to detect early metastasis can also trap cancer cells

The implant has a sternum and four ribs.

We Can Now 3D Print Ribs

The first-ever 3D printed titanium chest implant was a success

Probiotics for cancer detection

The Same Probiotic That’s In Your Yogurt Could Detect Liver Cancer

Take a dose of this bacteria, genetically altered by scientists at MIT, and your urine will glow if liver cancer is present

Conceptual image of Cancer cells with red blood cells

Sound Waves Could Help Find Elusive Cancer Cells

Researchers have developed a new device that could help determine the presence of tumor cells circulating in the bloodstream

Pulling Your Hair Out? It Might Just Help Reverse Baldness

Plucking hair could be a counterintuitive way to fight balding, according to a study of quorum sensing in rat follicles

How Tampons Might One Day Help Detect Cancer

New research suggests tampons could screen for endometrial cancer

The patient, in a rare moment of calm.

Cats Get Breast Cancer Too, and There's a Lot We Can Learn From It

Understanding aggressive tumors in pets may lead to better treatments for the nastiest forms of the disease in people

The iTBra by Cyrcadia Health aims to screen for breast cancer in a new way, but still requires much testing.

Could a Bra Actually Detect Breast Cancer?

Using thermodynamic sensors, the iTBra could one day screen for breast cancer, but experts are wary

Nurses who work rotating shifts are at greater risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and lung cancer than workers who stick with a nine-to-five schedule.

Five Years of Night Shift Work Elevate a Person's Risk of Death

Working inconsistent hours is bad for your health, according to researchers who studied 75,000 U.S. nurses

The way cancer cells process zinc might help scientists identify a new biomarker.

Using Zinc to Detect Breast Cancer Early

Researchers at Oxford have taken the first step towards finding a new biomarker for breast cancer

A light therapy session in a German clinic.

The Dangers of Winter Darkness: Weak Bones, Depression and Heart Trouble

Long periods without sunshine can play a role in a surprising variety of physical and mental disorders

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