"Electric boats intensify my connection to the water," says Houghton (at tiller).

Batteries Included

Let's hear it shhhh, not so loud for electric boats

After 41 days of grueling, round-the-clock diving, Cmdr. Bobbie Scholley and her dive team celebrated the turret's recovery.

Pieces of History

Raised from the deep, the Monitor's turret reveals a bounty of new details about the ship's violent end


Tips for Cruising

Saturn, a restored 1906 fly-boat

Afloat with Fly Boats and Leggers

Enthusiasts are rediscovering the vast system of narrow canals that connects England's byways and backways

Around The World Solo In a Sailboat: What Does It Take?

It takes stamina, humor, planning—not to mention hanging from a line 60 feet up, over waves the size of a house, in gale-force winds

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