The Sea Stallion from Glendalough

Raiders or Traders?

A replica Viking vessel sailing the North Sea has helped archaeologists figure out what the stalwart Norsemen were really up to

Lunt Harbor, looking toward the mountains of Acadia National Park

The Life and Times of a Maine Island

An excerpt from a history of Frenchboro, Long Island, one of Maine's last remaining year-round island communities


On the Job

A lobsterman in Maine talks about the lure of working on the water

Marine archaeologists rescued the shipwrecked H.L. Hunley (above, a computer rendering) in August 2000 more than 135 years after it sank during the Civil War.

Saving Our Shipwrecks

New technologies are aiding the search for one Civil War submarine, and the conservation of another

The first thing Terry Smith did after moving to Washington in 1977 was buy a boat and sail it on the Bay.

A Great Adventure

Terry Smith, author of "Beyond Jamestown," sailed in the 400-year-old wake of colonial explorer Capt. John Smith

A sailboat floats at the dock. From the Annapolis harbor, it's only a couple of miles to the wide open Chesapeake Bay.

Life Aquatic

The sailing world docks in Annapolis

After his son David located the Arabia under 30 feet of mud, Bob Hawley (pictured) dug in.

Pay Dirt

When self-taught archaeologists dug up an 1850s steamboat, they brought to light a slice of American life

Vikings sailing to Iceland

The Vikings: A Memorable Visit to America

The Icelandic house of what is likely the first European-American baby has scholars rethinking the Norse sagas

A life vest from the Titanic.

Titanic Sank This Morning

An artifact from the doomed ocean liner evokes that catastrophic night in April 1912

"Electric boats intensify my connection to the water," says Houghton (at tiller).

Batteries Included

Let's hear it shhhh, not so loud for electric boats

After 41 days of grueling, round-the-clock diving, Cmdr. Bobbie Scholley and her dive team celebrated the turret's recovery.

Pieces of History

Raised from the deep, the Monitor's turret reveals a bounty of new details about the ship's violent end


Tips for Cruising

Saturn, a restored 1906 fly-boat

Afloat with Fly Boats and Leggers

Enthusiasts are rediscovering the vast system of narrow canals that connects England's byways and backways

Around The World Solo In a Sailboat: What Does It Take?

It takes stamina, humor, planning—not to mention hanging from a line 60 feet up, over waves the size of a house, in gale-force winds

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