From Unforgettable Sunsets To Eye-Popping Art, Discover Why Fort Myers' Islands, Beaches and Neighborhoods Are Bursting With Color

Explore Downtown Fort Myers, Matlacha, Bonita Springs, and more.

Researchers will continue studying the timbers in an effort to determine their age and origin.

Shipwreck Exposed by Erosion on Florida Coast Could Be 200 Years Old

Archaeologists think the vessel was likely a 19th-century merchant ship

Dead Horse Bay gets its unsavory-sounding name from the numerous horse-rendering plants that operated along its marshy shoreline from the 1850s until the 1930s.

New York’s ‘Glass Bottle Beach’ Closed After Survey Finds Radioactive Waste

The Dead Horse Bay shoreline was a magnet for beachcombers and sightseers who came to peruse the eroding contents of 1950s landfill

A clear shard of Roman glass found in northern Jordan. The purple highlights are iridescence caused by weathering.

Ancient Rome's Finest Glass Was Actually Made in Egypt

Researchers used chemical analysis to determine the origins of the empire's crystal-clear glass

Sipson Island in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, opened to the public on July 25.

Cape Cod Island Opens to the Public for the First Time in 300 Years

When Sipson Island went on the luxury real estate market in 2018, locals saw an opportunity for conservation

Ted Siebert set a world record when he built this sandcastle for Turkish Airlines in Key Biscayne, Florida, in 2015.

How to Build a Sandcastle

World-record-holding sand sculptor Ted Siebert gives some tips for amateur builders looking to hone their skills this summer

A woman sunbathes in a roped-off distancing zone marked out along the beaches in La Grande Motte, southern France.

Five Safety Measures Beaches Are Taking to Minimize the Spread of COVID-19

Seaside areas around the world are using technology and strict regulations to try to protect visitors from the virus

Researchers estimate that sea spray could release up to 136,000 tons of microplastic particles into the air per year.

The Salty Sea Breeze Contains Microplastics, New Study Suggests

Researchers recorded the tiny particles in ocean air off the coast of France

Chincoteague ponies take a moment to graze after swimming across the Assateague Channel in 2015.

New Vaccine Offers Hope in Chincoteague Ponies' Battle Against Swamp Cancer

Over the past three years, the disease has claimed the lives of seven of the famously resilient ponies

Young leatherback sea turtles.

COVID-19 Restrictions May Boost Leatherback Sea Turtle Nesting

Beaches in Florida and Thailand have tentatively reported increases in nests, due to decreased human presence. But the trend won’t necessarily persist

Well, that stinks.

Heading to the Beach? Beware the Fecal Bacteria

A new report found that more than 2,600 sites in the U.S. and Puerto Rico were “potentially unsafe” for at least one day in 2018

Deerfield Beach Pier with fisherman at dawn.

633 Divers Cleaned Up a Florida Beach—and Broke a World Record

The event marked the largest-ever underwater cleanup effort

Driftwood rises out of the sand at Lovers Key.

Why The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel Is a Photographer’s Paradise

Photographer Britt Maxwell highlights four of his favorite places to witness the ever changing nature of the tropical paradise he calls home


Discover Bermuda's Historic Railway Trail

Today, Bermuda’s historic rails-to-trails route is one of the best ways to experience Bermuda's otherworldly nature.

It's their beach now.

A Horde of Elephant Seals Conquered a California Beach During the Shutdown

They shall leave when it pleases them

Plastic on a beach in St. Helena.

Remote South Atlantic Islands Are Flooded With Plastic

In less than ten years, plastic pollution around St. Helena, East Falkland and Ascension Islands has increased tenfold, and 100 times in the last 30 years

The Santa Monica State Beach is an allegory of North American consumerism. Every morning, cleaners collect chip bags, takeout containers, plastic straws, and more, hiding tonnes of trash from beachgoers who may never know the magnitude of the problem.

Are We Grooming Beaches to Death?

Urban beaches worldwide have less garbage than remote beaches, but less life too. The City of Santa Monica hopes to change the image of a clean beach.

Kozima waterfront.

This Tiny Picturesque Island Is Standing in for Greece in 'Mamma Mia 2'

Sometimes the understudy exceeds expectations

The "dense garbage carpet" that is washing onto Montesinos Beach in Santo Domingo

Waves of Garbage Are Washing onto a Beach in the Dominican Republic

The trash was pushed onto Montesinos Beach by a recent storm, but environmentalists say the scene is becoming all the more common

Members of Revitalization Corps marching in Old Saybrook

Racism Kept Connecticut's Beaches White Up Through the 1970s

By bussing black kids from Hartford to the shore, Ned Coll took a stand against the bigotry of “armchair liberals”

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