An illustration of asteroid 2016 HO3's orbit.

Scientists Spot Tiny Asteroid Tagging Along Behind The Earth

It's our very own “quasi-moon”

Will Luxembourg Lead the Race for Space Mining?

The tiny nation announced its private industry partners for asteroid mining

Amateur Astronomers Capture an Asteroid or Comet Colliding With Jupiter

The object recently exploded in the atmosphere of the solar system's largest planet

The bright spots of Occator Crater are shown in enhanced color in this view from NASA's Dawn spacecraft.

New NASA Images Shed Light on Ceres’ Bright Spots

Yet the dwarf planet serves up fresh mysteries

NASA's OSIRIS-REx project will send a craft to a near-Earth asteroid and take a sample to study back on Earth.

NASA Wants You to Send Your Art to an Asteroid

The agency is looking for creative contributions as it readies its mission to study and sample a near-Earth asteroid

Russia Wants to Turn Old Missiles Into an Asteroid Defense System

One of the world's deadliest missiles could become a planetary life-saver

A meteorite discovered in the Australian ouback on New Year's Eve.

4.5 Billion-Year-Old Meteorite Found in the Australian Desert

This 3.7 pound rock could help scientists learn about Earth's origins

Watch a NASA Scientist School the Empire on How to Build a Better Death Star

Darth Vader could have saved a few dollars by building it around an asteroid

An Asteroid Will Buzz by Earth on Halloween

Don't worry—it won't interrupt your Halloween plans

Asteroid Impacts Once Made the Earth's Oceans Boil for A Whole Year

Life had it rough back then

An artist's interpretation of the Gaia spacecraft -- mistaken for a small moon this week

The Time a Space Observatory Was Mistaken for a Second Moon

For 13 hours, the space observatory Gaia was misidentified as a natural satellite orbiting Earth

A false-color image of Ceres mimics what human eyes would see

Dawn Spacecraft Sends First Color Images of Ceres

Red and blue tell the tale of a dwarf planet covered in rock and ice

An artists interpretation of a large asteroid hitting Earth

Scientists Bombard the Earth With Asteroids to Practice Saving It

The Planetary Defense Conference doesn’t just have papers and seminars. It also has an asteroid disaster scenario to solve.

The Asteroid Redirect Vehicle gets ready to push off from the asteroid after grabbing a boulder in this artist’s interpretation

An Asteroid Boulder Will Be A Stepping Stone on the Journey to Mars

NASA announces details in its plan to capture an asteroid and bring it into lunar orbit

An artist's rendition of an asteroid impact.

Largest Asteroid Crater Ever Discovered Underground in Australia

Deep in Earth’s mantle, scientists find evidence of a colossal impact that could reveal new information about Earth’s history

Artist’s conception of Dawn entering orbit around Ceres

Dawn Has Arrived at Ceres

Downlink connection confirms that the spacecraft is in orbit around the dwarf planet

Two spots shine like beacons from the dwarf planet Ceres

The Dawn Spacecraft Is About to Reach Its Next Destination—the Dwarf Planet Ceres

We might just learn what the mysterious bright spots on the dwarf planet are—and much more

Arachnophobia, coral reefs, artificial cells and strange amphibians starred in some of this year's science finds you might have missed.

Ten Cool Science Stories You May Have Missed in 2014

ICYMI, there's a newfound coral reef in Iraq, the smallest force has been detected and more in this year's surprising science

The projected path of asteroid 2014 RC past Earth on September 7, 2014

Assumed Asteroid Remnant Leaves Crater in Nicaragua

A small rock from a passing asteroid left a crater in Nicaragua

The ecology of the meat-eaters like Allosaurus fragilis  were likely threatened by the decline of the plant-eating dinosaurs, making the "perfect storm" for a mass extinction

Why the Dinosaurs Could Have Had a Chance of Surviving the Asteroid Strike

A new study suggests it wasn't just the asteroid that killed the dinos, but that other factors weakened their ability to survive it

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