Arctic Ocean

Ice on Arctic Ocean

Two Men Are Heading to the North Pole, On Foot, As Fast As They Possibly Can

They're attempting to break the speed record for traveling unsupported from Ellesmere Island to the North Pole

The Narwhals’ Unicorn-Like Tusk Can Sense Changes in Its Environment

The nerve-filled appendage helps the animals sense temperature and perhaps find prey and mates

As the Planet Warms, What Happens to the Reindeer?

Ecologists are racing across the ice to find out how climate change will affect the Arctic natives

An elephant seal from the Kerguelen islands with a logger device attached to his head, just before his departure back to sea.

Seals Are Scientists' Little Helpers for Collecting Ocean Data

For the past 10 years, hundreds of seals equipped with special headgear have collected crucial data on ocean temperature and salinity for scientists

Frederick Cook and Robert Peary both claimed they discovered the North Pole.

Who Discovered the North Pole?

A century ago, explorer Robert Peary earned fame for discovering the North Pole, but did Frederick Cook get there first?

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