Apollo Program

The Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company premiers its newest work, "We choose to go to the moon," at the Kennedy Center on September 19 and 20, 2015.

A Dancer and a Scientist Deliver a New Take on the Moon Walk

When modern dance collides with science and space history, the result can be a great leap forward

Smithsonian Takes a Giant Step with Its First Kickstarter Campaign to Fund the Conservation of Neil Armstrong's Spacesuit

On the 46th anniversary of the historic moonwalk, the spacesuit that made it possible is headed to the conservation lab

Neil Armstrong Had a Secret Stash of Moon Stuff

“Lost” Apollo 11 artifacts are now found

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo is seen gliding back to Earth after its first test flight in 2010.

Past Transit Tragedies Point to a Way Forward for Virgin Galactic

From a fatal Apollo fire to the sinking of the <em>Titanic</em>, history has a few lessons following last week’s spaceflight disasters


Buzz Aldrin on Why We Should Go to Mars

The Apollo 11 astronaut who walked on the moon dreams of a future where Americans are the first to walk on Mars


Remembering When JFK Sent Us to the Moon

President Kennedy bolstered American support for his mission to the Moon with a speech at Rice University in 1962

Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin on the moon

Here’s What Nixon Would Have Said if Apollo 11 Hadn't Returned

Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden discusses his new book and the scandal that surrounded him after he returned to earth in 1971.

Apollo 15's Al Worden on Space and Scandal

The astronaut talks about his lunar mission, the scandal that followed and the future of space missions

Featuring the musical and comedic talents of African-American performers for decades, the landmark Harlem theater transformed popular entertainment.

Show Time at the Apollo

A stellar roster of African-American singers, dancers and comedians got their start at the venue, celebrating its 75-year history

Gene Kranz (in vest, as Apollo 13 safely splashed down) had faith that "as a group, we were smart enough ... to get out of any problem.

How Gene Kranz's Apollo 13 Vest Boosted Morale For His Team

The NASA flight director famously wore a homemade white vest as he averted tragedy during one of Apollo's most harrowing missions

Although the lander may appear “flimsy and gangly,” says NASM curator Allan Needell, the craft represents “a very pure design built for a very specific mission.”

Apollo 11's Giant Leap for Mankind

When the lunar module landed on the moon, it provided an unforgettable moment for the millions watching back on Earth


Apollo Astronauts Push for Mission to Mars


The Legacy of Apollo


Apollo Lunar Module Gets a Facelift

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