An octopus in the eastern Pacific

Global Warming Could Increase Biodiversity

Gentle global warming could be a boon for marine biodiversity


This New Species of Stick Bug Is Big, Slow, Colorful and Smelly

A new species discovered in the Philippines has scientists wondering just how many animals we're missing out on

Birds Hold Funerals For Fallen Comrades

Researchers observed that western scrub jays hold funeral reveries for fallen comrades

Today, passenger pigeons’ habitat consists of a few museum display cases around the U.S.

Extinction Rates Are Biased And Much Worse Than You Thought

The IUCN's Red List of endangered species looks bad, but the reality is probably much, much worse


How Can a Jellyfish This Slow Be So Deadly? It's Invisible

One of the world's most devastating predators is brainless, slow and voracious

A fishing trawler off the coast of Turkey.

Lighted Escape Hatches Could Help Little Fish Flee Trawlers’ Nets

Rigid illuminated rings could help unwanted bycatch escape from fishing nets

New Maps Will Keep Ecotourists From Ruining Dolphins’ All-Important Naps

Ecotourists in Hawaii might be inadvertently harming the very dolphin species they hope to interact with by interrupting essential daytime naps

Studying animals can help greatly with the advancement of human medicine.

How Looking to Animals Can Improve Human Medicine

In a new book, UCLA cardiologist Barbara Natterson-Horowitz reminds us that humans are animals too. Now, if only other doctors could think that way


Wracked by Face Cancer, Tasmanian Devils Fight Off Extinction

Tasmanian devils are on the verge of extinction, but a captive breeding program may be able to bring them back

Kanzi creates his hominid-rivaling tools.

Crafty Bonobo Shows Humans Aren’t the Only Stone Tool-Makers

Visitors can now enjoy the antics of the Zoo’s three-month old fishing cat kittens.

Baby Fishing Cats Up the Zoo’s Cute Factor

More from the Zoo's baby boom, three-month-old kittens frolic on display

An artist’s depiction of a Plesiosaur, the same species Nessie reportedly belongs to.

Celebrating 1,447 Years of the Loch Ness Monster


Dogs Chasing Their Tails Are Akin to Humans With OCD

For dogs engaged in this futile repetitive behavior, there might not be much of a choice, just like people suffering from OCD

Is This Mother Giraffe Mourning Her Dead Baby?

Mother giraffes join the ranks of elephants, polar bears, chimpanzees, gorillas,and other animals in the practice of mourning their dead

In Vietnam, Rhino Horn is the Drug of Choice at both Parties and Hospitals

A report issued by TRAFFIC issues the latest depressing statistics surrounding the epidemic-proportion illegal rhino horn trade in South Africa and Asia


Zoo Polar Bear Thanks Zebra for Deadly Herpes Virus

Exotic animals in Germany’s Wuppertal Zoo aren't just sharing smiles and admiration from visitors. They are sharing deadly viruses, too

An endangered whooping crane

‘We the People’ Do a Better Job of Picking Endangered Species than the Government

Ooff. Will this fit?

Frantic Search Ensues for Planet-Sized Dunce Cap as World’s Oceans Take Home Report Card

The "ocean health index" was just released, and overall the world got a giant "D"


Shark Week Loses its Bite, and That’s a Good Thing for Sharks

After 25 years of man-eating, Discovery's Shark Week embraces conservation

Three of the 87 record eggs removed from the python

Big Momma – Record 87 Eggs Found in Gargantuan Everglades Python

University of Florida researchers cut into the largest python found in the Everglades, measuring a whopping 17-feet-7-inches long and weighing 165 pounds

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