These Meals Are Made of Paper

Stop-motion spaghetti? Yes, please

You might have heard about plastic food. Or read about plastic in food. But when’s the last time you treated yourself to a delicious meal of stop-motion animation? You don't need utensils to appreciate this artwork: One Australian animation studio is crafting up some artsy food made entirely of paper.

The studio yelldesign specializes in stop-motion animation and Vines. Matt Willis, the team’s creative director, tells the Tribeca Film Festival’s Julia Pugachevsky that he finds inspiration in short-form mediums—and the wonder of the everyday. “Inspiration can come from anything around you, but I find really boring, everyday objects make the best vines,” he says.

You could say that paper is pretty dull, too, but Willis and his team have managed to make the commonplace into the completely yummy with their series of stop-motion “Papermeals.” The five animations in the series took three months to complete, Tacey Rychter writes for Broad Sheet. But the results can be consumed much faster, with the videos ranging from 30 seconds to one minute. So go ahead and dig in—this paper looks delish.

(h/t Colossal)