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It’s Definitive: Rose and Jack Could Both Have Survived in Titanic

Perhaps Jack was just dumb for not climbing onto the raft

(Screenshot from Paramount Movies' Official Trailer for "Titanic")

The scene is iconic: Jack bids Rose a goodbye, letting her stay safe on the raft as it floats away from the sinking Titanic, leaving his fate sealed in the icy waters. But some people have pointed out that, perhaps, Jack was just dumb for not climbing onto the raft. This series of photos started making the Internet rounds earlier this year on sites like The Meta Picture and shows that they could have totally both fit:


But James Cameron, ever a stickler, has consistently explained that the problem wasn’t the space on the raft but its buoyancy: Had Jack tried to climb up he would have certainly pitched Rose into the icy North Atlantic. Well, that’s not true either. Enter: the Myth Busters.

Turns out, if Rose had been less busy crying and more busy thinking she could have tied her life jacket to the bottom of the plank and kept them both afloat. Of course, Rose would never do that. And, of course, James Cameron stands by his decision to kill Jack. Film School Rejects puts it this way:

Of course, Cameron still doesn’t really care, saying “The script says Jack dies. He has to die.” True love is dead, James Cameron. Dead and cold and wet and frozen. Thanks.

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