Readers Respond to the May 2020 Issue

Your feedback on our coverage of George Harrison, racehorses and the Hawaiian shirt

Beatle Mania

As a young girl growing up in the D.C. area, I was a huge Beatles fan and George Harrison (“Meet the Beatle!” May 2020) was my favorite. I actually started a fan club for George. I somehow learned about Louise Harrison Caldwell and wrote her a letter and begged for “inside news” for our mimeographed monthly newsletter (cost: 25 cents). She wrote a lovely letter back in her formalized English script! It is among my most treasured items.

—Melanie J. Biermann | Free Union, Virginia

A Kentucky Home

My family and I had the privilege of visiting Old Friends (“When the Race Is Over,” May 2020). We got to meet several champions, including War Emblem. But the most special interaction came with Silver Charm. As our group was moving on from his pasture, I asked him if he’d like to take a selfie with me. As if he understood exactly what I had said, he trotted over and got in the picture. Jay Hovdey’s article really showcased the love and respect that Old Friends shows these magnificent animals.

—Shannon Kederis | Louisville, Kentucky

In a year full of severe criticism over American racetracks, this article brought home the human side of responsibility and accountability. I hope it sparks others to establish pastures where these creatures can live out their remaining years in harmony and well-deserved comfort!

—Carol Ahern | Mashpee, Massachusetts

Barrier Breaker

As a 10-year-old routinely glued to televised Yankees games, I recall the umpire Emmett Ashford (“Behind the Mask,” May 2020) as a presence almost as memorable as Mantle and Maris. His distinctive, animated style stood out, and remains vivid half a century later. His enthusiasm for every call, every pitch, made the mundane balls and strikes, safe and out calls an event unto themselves. To hear his name mentioned as part of the day’s umpiring crew meant excitement was ahead. There’s little question that he endured much to reach the pinnacle of his profession.

—Bernard Kavaler | West Hartford, Connecticut

Aloha Spirit

I think you’ve forgotten one of the most famous aloha shirt fans (“Pacific Treasure,” May 2020): President Harry S. Truman. He loved to visit the “Little White House” in Key West, and while there his senior advisers often dressed down in aloha shirts too.

—Richard Schroeder | Washington, D.C.

I ate up your articles about aloha shirts, Andy Warhol, Old Friends horse sanctuary, winning photographs and George Harrison’s trip to Illinois. Well done! Keep these arts and culture stories coming.

—Christena Alcorn | Austin, Texas

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