September 2020

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hand pinching book illustration

The History Thief

Precious maps, books and artworks vanished from a Pittsburgh library for nearly 25 years. But the caper’s final chapter was written this past summer

illustration of a ship with a skull patter in the waves

Chasing the Pirates

Criminals haul millions of tons of fish from the world’s oceans, threatening fragile species. Only sometimes do they get caught. Here’s how

Meroe, Sudan

In the Land of Kush

A dazzling civilization flourished in Sudan more than 2,000 years ago. Why was it forgotten?

SOCIAL - Allied freighters ablaze in the harbor of Bari, Italy, after the German attack.

The Bombing and the Breakthrough

How a chemical weapons disaster in World War II led to a U.S. cover-up—and a new cancer treatment


Lesson Plans

Committing to our educational mission means reaching people where they are


Rollin' Along

The secret past and uncertain future of the great river that has defined a nation


Current Event

How Fred Newton found himself neck-deep in history


Blanket Statements

Inspired by antique “freedom quilts,” an artist stitches secret messages into his own textured pieces


Daring to Face the Past

Two women from disparate worlds confront a terrible injustice that one family’s ancestors perpertrated on the other’s


Breathing Easy

How a brilliant quip led to an asthma treatment that helps millions every minute


The Writing on the Wall

A makeshift mural in 1968 speaks to a heroic struggle to overcome inequality

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