November 2009

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Dogon region villager with ritual figures

Looting Mali

As demand for its antiquities soars, the West African country is losing its most prized artifacts to illegal sellers and smugglers

Researchers in Worcester

Invasion of the Longhorns

In Worcester, Massachusetts, authorities are battling an invasive insect that is poised to devastate the forests of New England

Arlington Cemetery

The Battle of Arlington

The fight over Robert E. Lee's beloved home—seized by the U.S. government during the Civil War—went on for decades

Jackson Pollock 1943 Mural

Decoding Jackson Pollock

Did the Abstract Expressionist hide his name amid the swirls and torrents of a legendary 1943 mural?

Mount McKinley Denali National Park

The Great Wide Open

A land of silvery light and astonishing peaks, the country's largest state perpetuates the belief that anything is possible

Ansel Adams Sunrise Death Valley

Shades of Ansel Adams

As a new book shows, not everything in the photographer's philosophy was black and white

Henry Clay portrait

The Rescue of Henry Clay

A long-lost painting of the Senate's Great Compromiser finds a fitting new home in the halls of the U.S. Capitol


From the Editor


Closing in on 40 years

Indelible Images

Saigon Requiem

The death of Hugh Van Es, whose photograph captured the Vietnam War's end, launched a "reunion" of those who covered the conflict

My Kind of Town

Fenced In

Novelist Tim O'Brien revisits his past to come to terms with his rural hometown

Presence of Mind

Historical Laughter

Those who don't have power tend to make fun of those who do. But what happens when the power shifts?



Readers Respond to the September Issue

Around the Mall


For 50 years, John Marshall documented one of Africa's last remaining hunter- gatherer tribes in more than 700 hours of film footage

From the Castle

FDR's Stamps

FDR's Stamps

The Object at Hand

Drawn From Life

Artist Janice Lowry's illustrated diaries record her history—and ours


Q and A: Simeon Wright

Simeon Wright recalls the events surrounding his cousin's murder and the importance of having the casket on public display

What's Up

What's Up

This Month in History

November Anniversaries

Momentous or Merely Memorable

The Last Page

Home Sweet Homepage

Why surf the Web when you can live there?