May 2009

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Narwhal in the Arctic Ocean

In Search of the Mysterious Narwhal

Ballerina turned biologist Kristin Laidre gives her all to study the elusive, deep-diving, ice-loving whale known as the "unicorn of the sea"

Zhorzh Abramovich Koval

Iowa-Born, Soviet-Trained

Iowa-born and army-trained, how did George Koval manage to steal a critical U.S. atom bomb secret for the Soviets?

Marion Morehouse in Vionnet gown

In Vogue

A painter by training, Edward Steichen changed fashion photography forever

Post Ranch Inn Big Sur California

California Dreamin'

Untrammeled wilderness and new age enclave, Big Sur retains its rugged beauty and quirky charm

Pensacola Florida

Harboring History

In Florida's panhandle, vibrant Pensacola stakes its claim as the oldest European settlement in the United States

Mexican Pilsen neighborhood

Chicago Eats

From curried catfish to baba ghanouj, Chicago serves up what may be the finest ethnic cuisine going

Destination America map

Highlights & Hotspots


Indelible Images

Dancing for Mao

A photograph of a 5-year-old girl made her famous in China—and haunted the man who took it


Finding Feisty Fungi

In a place where no one believed they existed–-treeless Antartica–wood fungi are feasting on polar exploration relics

Presence of Mind

Cowboys and Immigrants

Two dueling archetypes dominated 20th-century American politics. Is it time for them to be reconciled?

From the Editor

From the Editor: Outliers

Big Sur and George Koval, atomic spy



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This Month in History

May Anniversaries

Momentous or Merely Memorable

From the Castle

Big Snakes

Around the Mall

For Pete's Sake

Around the Mall

Suits, Boots and Gloves

The spacesuits that kept U.S. astronauts alive now owe their survival to one woman

What's Up

What's Up

The Last Page

Honorable Mentions

A brief look at the brilliant minds that just missed this year's cut for genius grants