June 2011

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Whale shark

Swimming With Sharks

Wildlife researchers and tourists are heading to a tiny Mexican village to learn about the mystery of the largest fish in the sea

Tad McGreer

Ready for Takeoff

Will unmanned aerial vehicles—drones—soon take civilian passengers on pilotless flights?

Hamburgers cooking

Extreme Cuisine

Molecular gastronomist Nathan Myhrvold creates culinary oddities and explores food science in his groundbreaking new anthology

Greenway estate

A Setting for Murder

The birthplace of Poirot and Marple welcomes visitors looking for clues to the best-selling novelist of all time


A Writer’s Formative Venue

The seaside town beckons vacationers and Agatha Christie pilgrims alike

Indianapolis 500

500 Miles of Mayhem

A century ago, the first Indianapolis 500 race started in high excitement and ended in a muddle


From the Editor

Risky Businesses

On track to take off

This Month in History

June Anniversaries

Momentous or Merely Memorable



Readers Respond to the April Issue

Indelible Images

Dance Partners

Barbara Morgan's portrait of the iconic dancer helped move modern dance to center stage

The Civil War

June 1861

The "Races at Philippi" and Virginia is split in two and more from what happened in the Civil War in June 1861

From the Castle

Civil Discourse

Around the Mall

Built From the Bottle Up

Peace Corps volunteer Laura Kutner demonstrates how she turned trash into the building blocks for one community's revival

The Object at Hand

The Princess and the Peacocks

How a portrait sparked a battle between an artist–James McNeill Whistler—and his patron–Frederick R. Leyland

What's Up

What's Up

Presence of Mind

Don't Sniff the Antlers

A 14th-century Japanese essayist's advice for troubled times runs the gamut from quirky to prescient

The Last Page

The Newlywed Games

"You compete me"