January/February 2019

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America at War

The nation's epic, expanding fight against terrorism overseas

Manuel Jimenez

A Warrior Comes Home

Corporal Jimenez was on patrol in southern Afghanistan when a mine exploded, changing his life forever

Casteel's dog tags

The Priest of Abu Ghraib

Inside Iraq's most notorious prison, an Army interrogator came face to face with a shocking truth about the war—and himself

Xiao Meng Sun

Fighting to Be American

For centuries immigrants who served in the military could become American citizens. But are the women and men pictured here among the last?

Cobra graffiti

The Legacy of Black Hawk Down

Twenty-five years after the battle chronicled in the best-selling book, the author argues that we've learned the wrong lessons about fighting terrorism

Army Reserve members raise hands

Military Intelligence

In a new Smithsonian poll, conducted with the help of Stars and Stripes, current and former members of the armed forces take aim at conventional wisdom

Dyngo cover image

War Dog

I brought a seasoned veteran of the conflict in Afghanistan into my home—and then things got wild

Operating Base Tillman

What We Leave Behind

The once-fortified outposts that protected U.S. troops are relics of our ambitions abroad

Aaron Wixson

Name Rank and Gender

Meet some of the servicemembers at the center of one of the most controversial matters facing the U.S. military

Dog tags

War and Remembrance

Americans have erected countless monuments to wars gone by. But how do we pay tribute to the fallen in a conflict that might never end?



Your thoughts on "Costs of the Confederacy" and much more


The Imp of the Perverse

Fans of the mystery writer have no shortage of ways to pay homage to the scribe behind "The Raven" and so much more


The New Philadelphia Story

What would the breakthrough movie about the AIDS crisis look like if it were made today?


The Last First on Earth?

This winter, explorers will once again set out for the most remote part of the Arctic Ocean


The Color of History

An artist shows us that the past was not black-and-white


Let It Snow

A beloved Robert Frost poem is among the many creations that are (finally) losing their protections in 2019


Great Ball of Fire

Decades after the Allende Meteorite plunged to Earth, scientists still mine its fragments for clues to the cosmos


The Rest of the USA

In "How to Hide an Empire," Daniel Immerwahr explores America far beyond the borders of the Lower 48

Ask Smithsonian

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