January/February 2022

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Old Man and The Tree

The Old Man and the Tree

Ecologists thought these trees had long been torn down in New England. Then Bob Leverett proved them wrong

man standing in front of two blue tents and a wall of graffiti

A Healing Presence

Kwane Stewart discovers the little-known world of generosity and love

Tabira Gate

Guardians of Assur

In its time, the Assyrian capital faced waves of invasions and abandonment. Now a small team of archaeologists are protecting it from more modern threats

OPENER - Hudsonian godwit

The Wonder Bird

The more scientists learn about the Hudsonian godwit, the more they’re amazed—and worried

illustration of two queens

Sister Queens of the North

Over the centuries, Brunhild and Fredegund were dismissed and even parodied. But a new book shows how they outwitted their enemies like few in history

OPENER - Jørgen Botolfsen

After the Catch

In the remote Lofoten Islands, youngsters are happy to embrace tradition by collecting the local delicacy and selling their wares


Picking Up the Pieces

In the wake of crisis and disaster, rescue workers led by the Smithsonian step in to safeguard irreplaceable treasures


Crunch Time

A fussy magnate, a miffed chef and the curious roots of the comfort food we hate to love


Rhythm and Blues

A new view of an original genius who died before he could realize his full potential


Changing Lincoln's Mind

During the Civil War, these individuals convinced the president, altering the course of U.S. history


The Bug That Saved California

The Golden State’s citrus industry faced a lethal threat. The solution would herald a new kind of pest control


From Grunge to Glam

Rebellious youth. Olympic glory. How a goofy American pastime conquered winter


Poetice Justice

The Revolution-era Boston establishment couldn't believe that the young African American woman wrote the exquisite book of poetry

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