February 2009

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Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln's Contested Legacy

Great Emancipator or unreconstructed racist? Each generation evokes a different Lincoln. But who was our sixteenth president?

Charles Darwin

What Darwin Didn't Know

Today's scientists marvel that the 19th-century naturalist's grand vision of evolution is still the key to life

Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin

Twin Peaks

Born on the same day, Lincoln and Darwin would forever influence how people think about the modern world

Blue devils at Carnival

Up Close at Carnival

What’s behind the raucous pre-Lenten rite? An intrepid scholar hits the streets of Trinidad to find out

Bar pilots risk their life to guide ships

Running the Bar

Braving storms with high seas a group of elite ship pilots steers tankers and freighters through the Columbia River

Mob attacks bus

The Freedom Riders

Fighting racial segregation in the South, these activists were beaten and arrested. Where are they now, nearly fifty years later?

Gray Wolf in Yellowstone

Howling Success

After years as an endangered species, the wolves are thriving again in the West, but they're also reigniting a fierce controversy


Indelible Images

Special Delivery

It took three generations to produce Wayne F. Miller's photograph of his newborn son


Bodies of Evidence

Excavations at a cemetery in a Thai village reveal a 4,000-year-old indigenous culture

My Kind of Town

Washed Ashore

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Geraldine Brooks delights in the allure of Martha's Vineyard's off-season

From the Editor

Evolution and Equality

What do Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, and the Freedom Riders have in common with each other?

Letters to the Editor


Readers Respond to the December Issue

This Month in History

February Anniversaries

Momentous or Merely Memorable

From the Castle

Thinking Ahead

Around the Mall

Joint Effort

In arctic Canada, a Smithsonian researcher discovers evidence of Basque trading with North America

Around the Mall

A Child Shall Lead Them

What's Up

What's Up

The Last Page

Requiem for the Redhead

The next great extinction—Carrot Tops