December 2020

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students in a circle while teacher strums ukelele

Beyond Aloha

A determined couple and their children are sparking the renewal of a long-suppressed part of their ancestors' culture

SOCIAL MEDIA - Winston, a longhaired German shepherd

Evolution of a Friendship

A growing number of researchers are hot on the trail of a surprisingly profound question: What makes dogs such good companions?

Neptune grass

Prairies of the Sea

A vast, mostly invisible ecosystem crucial to our life on Earth is in trouble, but efforts to save the 'prairies of the sea' are finally coming into focus

Erle Stanley Gardner

The Case of the Autographed Corpse

The author of the Perry Mason novels rose to the defense of an Apache shaman who was falsely convicted of killing his wife



Your feedback on our coverage of snake venom, Rosa Bonheur and the staff behind-the-scenes at the White House

Strong Suit

From deep cleaning to painstaking repairs, caring for Smithsonian’s 155 million objects requires serious TLC—and steady hands


Every Wear

The blue jeans fabric conquered pop culture and fortified the civil rights movement


Look Again

Niko Luoma takes a fresh look at paintings that may seem stale


From Bambi to Bethlehem

The unlikely Hollywood visionary of 'Bambi' fame designed what would become some of the most popular holiday stationery of all time


Game On

The first console reached homes 11 years before Nintendo, marking the beginning of a multibillion-dollar industry


An Electric Presence

The fashionable garment conjures the guitarist's dazzling performance at the Monterey County Fairgrounds

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