April 2002

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Canadian biologist Pierre DAmours surveys rivers
The carcass of a cargo ship, already sheared of its forward structure, sits where it was parked on the beach at Chittagong, Bangladesh

Multiple Viewpoints

Joinery techniques in even the largest modern structures are similar to those used by Henry David Thoreau to build his simple cabin
Lincoln's second inauguration speech

Absence of Malice

In a new book, Historian Ronald C. White, Jr., explains why Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, given just weeks before he died, was his greatest speech


From the Editor

Mail Call

From the Secretary

Cartwheels at 50

Indelible Images

Shades of Merriment

Points of Interest

Sweet Taste of Spring

The Object at Hand

It's a Wurlitzer

Phenomena & Curiosities

Crystal Moonbeams

People File

A Model Son

Chesapeake Bay's maritime history comes alive in miniature wood carvings by a Maryland craftsman

Presence of Mind

Wittgenstein's Ghost

Taking Issue

Table Talk

The Last Page

Changing Spots