April 2000

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Reading the Messages in Everyday Things

As an inspired observer of landscapes urban and rural, historian John Stilgoe teaches us all to see with new eyes

Requiem for a Middleweight

College boxer Charlie Mohr of Wisconsin was a champion in and out of the ring, but why he died remains controversial

the hope diamond
Skulls on a Beach

Bone Specialist On Call

A Smithsonian anthropologist applies his expertise to cases of missing children and disaster victims

This SeaWiFS view reveals the colourful interplay of currents on the sea's surface

Evidence for a Flood

Sediment layers suggest that 7,500 years ago Mediterranean water roared into the Black Sea

Wanted, Dead or Alive

When scientists go scavenging at a bioblitz, anything they can find that's organic is considered fair game

The Biggest One That Didn't Get Away

A real fish tale hangs on a monster marlin caught nearly a half-century ago

Fire on the Mountain: The True Story of the South Canyon Fire
The Basque History of the World
Laundry is hung to dry above an Italian street