September 2010

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Nevada’s mountains provide a wall around one of the world’s most secret places.

The Truth is Out There


Lost In Space

Robert Hyman helped search for fellow adventurer Steve Fossett. The undertaking inspired him and other Fossett searchers to create MAST.
Lenticular clouds tend to remain stationary; their longevity and their saucer-like appearance sometimes lead to misidentification as otherworldly spacecraft.
Search parties still hunt for Amelia Earhart, who vanished on July 2, 1937.

Checking In...

In the 86-foot-long cargo bay, former crewmen recall the hardware a C-133 could lift.
Europe’s Rosetta spacecraft flew past Earth three times, but experienced the flyby effect only once. Nobody knows why.

What Made Yuri Fall?

In 2003, a 727 that once flew for American Airlines disappeared from Angola.
The dapper Edgar Mix (1905 self-portrait) avidly documented aeronautical events around Paris.
Reconstruction of a South African Airways Boeing 747 has failed to reveal what started an onboard fire, which led to the loss of 19 crew members and 140 passengers.

Cause Unknown

Carl Schahrer, commander of the B-29 Boomerang, shows off the talisman, on which his crew carved their missions.

Case Closed



Viewport: Conquering the Unknown

Then & Now

Then & Now: Mercury Unmasked