January 2017

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Charred Apollo 1 spacecraft

Apollo’s Worst Day

Veterans of NASA’s moon program referred to it simply as “The Fire.” Did it have to happen?

The USS Arizona Memorial

On the Arizona and After

Navy Quartermaster Lou Conter survived the attack on Pearl Harbor to fly and fight another day.


Kunming Remembers the Flying Tigers

A photography exhibit based on the work of R.T. Smith honors the legendary fighter group that saved a Chinese city.

Six quadrotors

Racing Drones

With 40 million fans, $100,000 purses, and crashes galore, drones take the track.


Call in the A-10

Why a Ground-Attack classic has so far survived Air Force efforts to kill it.

Representative Martha McSally

California’s Snow Sentinel

When all your water is in the snowpack, you better keep your eyes on the mountaintops.

The Martin P5M Marlin

Sub Hunts in a Seaplane

On cold war missions, in any weather, Martin Marlins prowled the globe.



A Cadet Returns