December 2020/January 2021

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Space Force uniform

The Space Force Turns One

The newest branch of the U.S. armed services pitches its tent on a vast battlefield.

247-D Boeing in NASM

America by Air

The National Air and Space Museum exhibit tells the epic story of air travel.

Northrop Alpha

Jack Northrop’s ‘Beautiful Ship’

In 1931, a six-passenger airplane hinted at the many aeronautical wonders to come.

artist's drawing of America by Air gallery

The People Behind the Pilots

A new Museum gallery tells stories of the people who built the airlines. Here are the stories of the people who keep them running today.

FA-18 Super Hornets

A More Super Super Hornet

It’s always been versatile, but now it can reach farther.

Andromeda Galaxy

The Weirdest Objects in the Universe

With a new encyclopedia, seekers for intelligent life ask astronomers to reexamine the sky.

Bloodhound land jet

800 MPH in a Jet-Powered Car

Bloodhound LSR rides the highway to the danger zone.

Bill Ingalls and others in helicopter

Space According to Bill Ingalls

Bill Ingalls documents the U.S. space program, with an eye for emotion.

USS Shenandoah crash

The Museum That Fell From the Sky

An Ohio native preserves the story of the Navy’s first rigid airship.



The Generation Ships

It takes years of preparation to produce years of data.

Up to Speed

Blood and Medicine Delivered STAT

Aerial deliveries of blood and other life-saving cargo could be a reality within a few years.

Up to Speed

Voyager Enters Thick Space

The intrepid explorer is still plumbing the mysteries of the interstellar medium.


Christopher Goyne

Fascinated by hypersonic flight, Chris Goyne has spent years studying exotic forms of propulsion.

I Was There

Remember. Honor. Serve.

The year was 2019, but to us it felt more like 1944.


To Boldly Go

A science experiment simulates what it’s like to live on another planet.