August 2011

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Patty Wagstaff’s latest mission:  use the discipline of aerobatics to combat the chaos of California wildfires (photo-composite).
A Dassault Falcon 2000, a Maybach luxury auto, and freshly swept stairs: NetJets set up this publicity shot in Switzerland, but for fractional jet owners, such fantasy is the reality.
Michael Silvestro

The Competition

Possibly the world’s pointiest jet

Loser X-Planes

Located in Sweden’s isolated far north, the tiny town of Kiruna, with its Esrange rocket range, hopes to become a major space tourism attraction.
Eight spoilers on each wing add aerodynamic brakes to the A380’s mechanical ones
In a joking nod to George Abbey's power over manned spaceflight, astronauts (like STS-5's Bob Overmyer) sometimes carried his photo into orbit.
The flight and ground crews for the DC-8 supersonic run included flight test engineer Richard H. Edwards
Giuseppe Genchi, who found a trove of engine parts at the University of Palermo, spent countless hours restoring an 11-cylinder rotary engine from World War I.

Genchi’s Obsession

Just past the standing figure, a chamber with movable sidewalls controls the Mach number of air entering the diffuser.

The Perfect Wind Storm

An cutaway of the supersonic wind tunnel.



Viewport: Power Hungry

Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond: Mantz Versus the Volcano

Flights & Fancy

Flights & Fancy: How I Bagged an F-4J

Moments and Milestones

Last One Out, Shut off the Helium