August 2010

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The space shuttle’s cargo bay is more than just a shipping container. It’s also a workspace for spacewalkers.
Unlike the flash-in-the-pan types, John Ninomiya have put years into the pursuit.

The Drifters


Flying Bombers in World War II

In 1939, at the age of 17, Geraldine Hardman found her dream job.

</i>Fort Worth</i>, a B-36J, basks in restored glory.

Monster Bomber

Bell has built a Scorpion Too and an Executive, complete with trailer.
John Mohr shows what sets him apart from the rest.
Mark Lewis shown here exiting an F-15.
Morning light warms Tom Brown’s QDC, which came to Wynkoop all the way from Unity, Wisconsin.

The Classic Wagon

The DC-X backs into its parking spot at White Sands in September 1993.

Black Day at White Sands



Viewport: Sharing the Wealth

Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond: Cornwell’s Folly

Flights & Fancy

How to Degauss a Cat

Then & Now

Then & Now: Fill ’er Up