The Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator is designed to enable large payloads to be safely landed on Mars.

Tools for Martian Survival

A test program for two planets.

F-22s were first deployed to the Middle East in 2009.

Raptor Sees First Combat Over Syria

After nine years, the F-22 gets its first call to action.

Jonathan Aitken with one of his students.

The Quadcopter’s Teacher

Jonathan Aitken wants robots to navigate—and cooperate—on their own.

This jumbo jet found a new life as a restaurant in Seoul, South Korea.

The Jumbo’s Second Acts

After their service with the airlines is over, 747s wind up in the strangest places.

Augustine listens to a question from the audience at a meeting of the Human Space Flight Plans Committee in 2009.

Norman Augustine: The Chairman

The former Lockheed CEO, science advisor extraordinaire, and 2014 National Air and Space Museum trophy winner reflects on his career.

The "Baker" explosion at Bikini Atoll, July 25, 1946.

Were drones used in the Bikini bomb tests?

A B-2 Spirit lifts off from Whiteman Air Force Base during an exercise in 2012.

How often does the B-2 fly?

Each Voyager is providing new insights into a never-before-visited part of deep space.

More than 35 years into their mission, our farthest-flung spacecraft are not finished yet.

10 Billion Miles From Home

Diary of a Spy

Events that made the U-2 the world's most famous player in the game of espionage.

D’oh! Ten Goofs in Space

There are some situations even astronauts can't train for

In his flight jacket with 17th Bomb Group patch, Dick Cole looks ready to fly Panchito, a restored B-25J, at a Raider gathering in Punta Gorda, Florida, last March.

The Raiders Remember

In an annual ceremony, the last of the Doolittle Raiders recall their part in victory over Japan.

The space shuttle’s cargo bay is more than just a shipping container. It’s also a workspace for spacewalkers.

The Truck

Satellites, experiments, space station parts - the space shuttle hauled it all.

Earhart first crossed the Atlantic in 1928, as a passenger. Four years later, she flew solo from Newfoundland to Ireland in a Lockheed Vega. Here, the beaming villagers of Culmore, North Ireland, pay homage to the rising star.

Amelia Earhart, American Idol

When she vanished at the age of 39, she was as big a star as Greta Garbo. Is that why some are still driven to solve the mystery?

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