Five Ways to Reinvent Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes

Why have plain old pumpkin pie when you could be eating a pumpkin-filled chocolate balloon?

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For many of us, Thanksgiving is all about tradition. Grandma’s giblet gravy, Uncle Vern’s green bean casserole, Parker House rolls from a recipe copied from a half-century old edition of Joy of Cooking. But for others, this annual feast is a perfect time to try out new recipes. Here are some ideas for an adventurous Turkey Day:

Thanksgiving Stew

Don’t let the hominess of the word “stew” fool you. This particular dish takes a pressure cooker, vacuum sealer, water bath and high-powered blender to create. It's from the team that brought us the epic Modernist Cuisine, a six-part cookbook-treatise on food science. In it, turkey legs and breasts cooked sous vide mingle with pureed stuffing, pressure-cooked root vegetables, cranberry consommé and fried parsley. It’s like having the full Thanksgiving spread in a single bite.


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