Return of the Pandas

After moving from Wolong to Washington, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian are packing them in at the National Zoo


The Rhinos Are Baaack!

In South Africa these hefty, unpredictable and inquisitive beasts are flourishing and have become very big business


Hunting Slime Molds

They're not animals and they're not plants, and biologists want to know a lot more about them.


In Search of Sanctuary

As its Florida habitat disappears, the American wood stork, our largest wading bird, is migrating northward to new nesting grounds


How Squirrels Fly

Fascinated by the graceful gliding of these mammals with "wings," scientists take a close look.


The Bone Collectors

A pair of biologists on Cumberland Island save the remains of dead sea critters for others to study

Grand Gallery of Evolution in the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, France

Feeling Crabby?

The vaults of the Natural History Museum in Paris contain a menagerie of curious crustaceans


The Rarest of the Rare

Scientists at the Smithsonian's Conservation and Research Center have snatched endangered creatures from the brink and redefined conservation biology


The Cat That Walks by Itself

In Mexico's Maya jungle, the survival of the jaguar hangs on radio collars, hounds and former hunters


So Tiny, So Sweet...So Mean

If hummingbirds were as big as ravens, it probably wouldn't be safe to go for a walk in the woods


Ringtails Like To Be Appreciated

Although they are by nature loners, these clever "cats" don't mind a little human companionship


Foreign Worm Alert

Aliens are tunneling through North America. Who'd have thought these earth tillers have a downside?


Nightjars Are Everywhere, But Just Try Finding One

Catching a glimpse of these night-loving birds, which include the whip-poor-will, challenges even the most avid bird-watcher


Horning In?

Bighorn sheep have made a big comeback in recent years, but some developers out West think they're intruders


Supermodels with Six Legs

Mariana fruit bat Pteropus mariannus

Batty About Flying Foxes

Long considered black devils with wings, these bats today are stealing hearts – and mangoes – across Australia


The Biggest One That Didn't Get Away

A real fish tale hangs on a monster marlin caught nearly a half-century ago


Hawaii's Vanished Birds

For the National Zoological Park, an artist depicts the diversity of the islands' extinct avian species


Night Belongs to the Kiwi

It may look fuzzy and adorable but this New Zealand bird is one tough customer


Last of the Wild Buffalo

Long displayed, long dispersed, the famous Hornaday bison "family" is reunited in a new home

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